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There's much more to working at Three than just the money; all the extra bits are important too. Read on to learn about 'Just Rewards' our one-stop shop for you to choose all your benefits.

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Just Rewards
  • You get some great rewards at Three on top of your salary, and this section tells you a bit about them. Once you've joined us you will be given online access to your personal Just Rewards site where you can find out all about the flexible benefits we offer and make your choices.

    Look out for an email after you start which will give you your access details to your own personal Just Rewards. If you have any questions, the Just Rewards team are there to help, so give them a call on 020 7204 1333 or email

    The Just Rewards site is split into categories:

    • Just Rewards Statement: your total reward statement
    • The Money bits: info on your salary & bonus and the cash you take home
    • The Flexible bits: where you can tailor your benefits to suit you including how to join the Three Group Personal Pension.
    • The Extra bits: all the details you need about your company paid benefits
    • The Discount bits: discounts and special offers including a cash back scheme
    • The Helpful bits: information on where to get some support and advice if you need it
    • The Thank You bits: information about our recognition scheme.
  • We know it's not the be all and end all, but it sure helps pay the bills. Your pay and bonus from Three are the bits of your reward package that line your pockets. We provide you with a competitive cash package which is linked to what you do and how you do it.
    There's much more to working at Three than just money; all the extra bits are important too. We give you a set of benefits that we pay for designed to make your life better. Read on to find out how you can get even more by enhancing your extra bits. In the meantime, here are the extra bits in a nutshell...

    • Holiday
    • Pension
    • Life assurance
    • Dongle and handset
    For further details on any of the extra bits please refer to your employment contract. 
  • Creative people, family people, forward looking people, adventurous people. You're all unique in your own way. That's why we let you change some of your extra bits and even add new bits to suit you.

    The flexible bits are where you can buy extra benefits from your salary via payroll.  But hurry, you have a limited time in which to do this.   Monthly enrolment windows run from 8th – 28th of each month. If you start before the 1st of the current enrolment month your window will be that month, if you start on or after the 1st of the month you will be in the following month. After you start, you'll receive an email when your window opens telling you what to do next.   If you have any questions, the Just Rewards team are there to help, so give them a call on 020 7204 1333 or email



    Here are a few examples of the choices you can make through the Flexible Bits:

    Here are a few examples of the choices you can make through the Flexible Bits:

    Buy some more holiday or sell some for extra cash
    Take advantage of the monthly contribution from Three and take advantage of the tax breaks
    Bikes for work: Buy a bike, save tax and help the environment
    Dental Insurance:
    Enrol in our company dental insurance
    Life assurance for your partner or spouse:
    Buy cover for those nearest to you
    Private Medical Insurance: Enrol in our company medical insurance or take advantage of our company negotiated rates
    Healthcare Cash Plan: Optical, dental, physio – get cash back on your medical expenses
    Travel Insurance:
    We've negotiated some great rates so you don't have to
    Childcare VouchersSave up to £1,195 a year in tax and NI on the costs of having your little ones taken care of
    Health Assessment:
    Give yourself an MOT

  • Everyone likes a bargain. We know that if we can help your hard earned money go further then you'll be happy.

    The Just Rewards website gives you access to a wide range of discounts, and cashback on what you buy. From money off your grocery shopping to those extravagances we sometimes find hard to justify.

    Take advantage of these discounts whenever the need arises and remember to check out the website before your next shopping trip. We've also struck up a deal with some local retailers.
    We love shouting about how good you are and making sure you get your Just Rewards for doing what you do.

    It's important to be recognised for a job well done and Three Cheers lets you give Thank You cards or a Round of Applause to your colleagues. Don't forget, your colleagues can recognise your great performance and behaviours too.
    We've support for you on the important issues, like health, legal advice, counselling and money matters. Only when you need it and only when you ask.
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