To challenge and change the way you use your mobile forever by creating an experience that is more useful, more entertaining and more valuable than the one you use today.

Three is the UK’s challenger mobile network. In 2000 a public policy decision was made to make the UK mobile market more competitive by allowing a new entrant to enter the market. That new entrant was Three. 


There a number of changes planned to our network to help meet this demand; the most important of these is the rollout of the low frequency spectrum, at 800 MHz, which Three acquired in 2013. Low frequency spectrum covers three times the distance of Three’s existing spectrum holdings, and the rollout of this valuable resource will have a transformative effect for many customers.


However, more needs to be done to make the mobile market better, and to ensure that UK consumers continue to enjoy the benefits of a competitive mobile market. This means taking action to promote fair and open competition at every level of the market, from the sales of the mobile spectrum frequencies that underpin Three’s network, to making it easier for customers to change their provider.


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