Your account.

These are some of the ways we can make it easier to manage your account. You can contact us and our dedicated Accessibility team to discuss these and other ways we can help.

Large Print and braille documents.

If you have trouble reading or a visual impairment, we can provide you with bills and other important documents in Braille and larger fonts. Contact us to set this up.

Choosing the right plan, phone and apps.

We can help you find a plan and phone with the accessibility features that work best for you.

To discuss the type of device and service you need, contact us.

Check our Device Support hub for guides on how to use different phones and their features, including their Accessibility functions.

Ofcom, the communications regulator, has published a guide to using a mobile phone which is designed to be easily understood. It gives advice on how to get the most out of your mobile phone and how much it could cost. It gives useful information, in a clear and simple way on:

  • The different types of phones available.
  • The possible cost of mobile phone calls and ways to pay.
  • Services which are free for disabled customers that could help you.
  • What to do if something goes wrong.

Read this guide.

There are also apps for smartphones and tablets that have been specially designed for people with visual, hearing and dexterity impairments. Check these websites for more.

Problem with a phone or laptop.

If your phone’s faulty, contact us. We’ll talk you through the options available to try and help you get it fixed.

Letting someone else to manage your account.

You can let a friend or relative manage your account on your behalf. Any person you nominate will have access to all your account information and can receive your monthly bills. You can set this up by contacting us.

More from this accessibility section.

Contact us.

Find out how to contact us and our dedicated Accessibility team.

Contact us.

Accessibility services.

Useful services for people of different abilities, including Directory enquiries, Relay UK, InterpretersLive! and Emergency SMS.

Accessibility services.

Website accessibility.

Making sure our website is accessible and easy to use.

Website accessibility.