Best Twitter accounts to follow.

Best Twitter accounts to follow.


Laughter is one of life’s best medicines and following laugh-out-loud accounts on Twitter will mean you’ll have plenty to chuckle about - and share with other people.  



There are loads of great accounts you could follow, from famous comics who regularly tweet their take on the world, to spoof accounts and more. As well as having some great stuff to share with your own followers, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained when you’re sat at your desk or waiting for the train.



So which are the funniest accounts to follow on Twitter? 



Well that really depends on personal preference, but you’d be surprised how many comedians aren’t actually that funny when they only have 140 characters to play with. However, a few consistently funny accounts we’ve come across include John Cleese @JohnCleese, Karl Pilkington @KarlPilkingtonQuotes, Keith Lemon @lemontwittor, Bill Bailey @BillBailey, Miranda Hart @mermhart and Sacha Baron Cohen @OfficialSacha. 



‘Spoof’ or ‘parody’ accounts can also be very entertaining. One of the funniest and most regular tweeters has to be Elizabeth Windsor @Queen_uk. One can only hope the real Queen follows this account, as we think one will be laughing one’s socks off. Tweets such as: ‘Bought the DoE an iPad for Christmas. He’s been on the roof all day trying to get a phone signal on it. Awkward.’ are sure to brighten your day and those of the people you share them with. Just search the names of your favourite celebs to find a whole host of spoof accounts. 



Also, if you’ve never discovered The Poke you must be working too hard. If you want to ensure ‘time well wasted’, make sure you head over to their satirical website. And their Twitter feed is just as good. Also check out The Daily Mash @thedailymash, News Thump @newsthump and News Biscuit @newsbiscuit. 



Happy sharing.