Best music apps for Facebook.

Best music apps for Facebook.

Music, as we all know, is a bottomless moshpit. There’s always another gem out there, just waiting to be unearthed – a friend forwards a link to a killer track and the next thing you know you have a new favourite band.


It’s this exposure to fresh influences that makes social media so useful when paired up with a music app. As well as keeping you hooked in to what your friends are listening to, Facebook makes it easy to follow your chosen bands by feeding tour dates, new releases and more.


With so many music apps out there, we thought now would be a good time to put together a sort of ‘Best Of’. Some have already gone platinum, others we just like. Happy listening.





TuneIn. (Compatible with iOS and Android.)

With radio stations from all over the globe and two million on-demand programs on offer, TuneIn has more than enough to keep your ears happy. Treat them to music, sports, comedy and more, for free. Search for a song and find all the stations currently playing it. Save the stations you like as presets. And share what you’re listening to with friends on Facebook.


Radio Soulwax.

Radio Soulwax. (Compatible with iOS and Android.)

Like a radio station, but better. Explore a free collection of mixes, inspired by record sleeves and set to visual delights – eye candy meets ear candy, if you like. Each 60-minute musical film has a different audio and visual theme. The creators of Radio Soulwax hope that it’ll become a launch pad for even neater things to come. We don’t doubt them.



SoundCloud. (Compatible with iOS and Android.)

With Soundcloud you can record and share sounds on-the-go (the basics are free, but addicts will need a subscription). An enhanced Facebook app helps newbies to find Facebook friends and ‘liked’ music creators on SoundCloud. In return, Facebook Connect helps creators build and reach their audience and the wider SoundCloud community. 7.1 million people can’t be wrong. 


Band of the Day.

Band of the Day. (Compatible with iOS.)

Sharp cookies might just guess the idea behind Band of the Day, which is billed as the world's first daily music magazine built solely for mobile devices (make that Apple mobile devices). True to their word, Band of the Day serves up a new band or artist daily, for free (you’ll also be able to explore the artists featured over the prior 30 days). An Apple ‘App of the Year’ runner-up.



Spotify. (Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.)

The world’s most popular subscription-based digital music service is getting a makeover. The tweakers hope that enhancements made to the desktop app can be rolled out to apps on other devices in 2013. New features would enable users to follow artists, music experts and Facebook friends, and make it easier to discover music new and old. Other tweaks are intended to make Spotify feel more personal – more iTunesy – and less like an overwhelming jukebox. Download and listen offline across all your devices for £9.99 a month.