Best running apps for iPhone and Android.

Best running apps for iPhone and Android.

Whether you’re a wannabe Mo Farah or just a faddy runner, there are loads of useful running apps to make your new regime a little easier and more enjoyable.

Check out our favourites below. And if running isn’t your thing, don’t forget that there are plenty of other exercise apps to enjoy.


Runkeeper - iPhone, Android (free)

This app is one of the most popular amongst runners. It records your pace, distance, exercise time, calories burned and much more. Crucially for those who have a long-term goal, you can track your workout history and measure your progress.


Skyscanner App.

Run with Map My Run iPhone, Android (free)

As well as covering the usual metrics, this innovative app will use your phone’s GPS to track the course you run. This is great for reviewing and plotting your next route, adding variety to your workout.

Plus, sync the app to your social media platforms and let the world know which terrain you’ve tackled. With a number of useful additional features, such as a heart rate sensor, it’s an option that’s well worth a look.


TempoRun App.

TempoRun - iPhone (79p)

Want music on the move? In a nutshell, this is a music app for runners. It will analyse your music and automatically sort your songs by tempo (using a rating between 1 and 10) so that you can listen to the right tunes for your run.

Why’s this useful? Experienced fitness fanatics will know that you don’t tend to run at a steady pace. And with the growing popularity of high intensity workouts, you can listen to an appropriately-paced track at different points of your run. Get a high-octane, inspiring tune when you’re sprinting and a slow-paced sound when you’re jogging.

The app doesn’t distinguish between genres of music, but it is able to assess the number of beats in a song. And of course, like the other apps, you can also use this one to track the finer details of your running history, like your pace, time and distance.


TempoRun App.

Runtastic – iPhone, Android (free)

This app does all the things you’d expect from a running app, but also includes the option to fill out an exercise diary, adding a welcome touch of personalisation. Likewise, running apps are sometimes guilty of information overload, so the ability to configure your dashboard so that it only shows the bits and pieces you’re interested in is an added bonus.


TempoRun App.

Nike+ Running - iPhone, Android (free)

There are a couple of great aspects to this app. Firstly, it works on a treadmill. So when you don’t fancy bracing the chilly January winds, you can head to the gym and still accurately record your pace, time and distance. Secondly, you can load up a ‘power song’ of your choice to kick in when you’re flagging mid-run.


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