Books on your mobile.

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Books on your mobile.

Making the most of every minute is important to many of us in today’s fast-paced world.  How many times have we been stuck with nothing to do – such as when waiting for people or transport to turn up or on a long and boring journey?

An app from could be the answer to never finding ourselves in this situation again.

You’ve probably heard of the Kindle – where you can enjoy your favourite books and publications in digital format. Well, thanks to the Kindle app, even more people can enjoy this luxury simply by using a smartphone.

How do you get it?

The app is free to download from most app markets or stores. All you need is an Amazon account to sign in and get browsing through hundreds of thousands of exciting titles to download and enjoy at your leisure.

Clever technology.

You don’t have to worry about losing your place, either. A technology called Whispersync remembers where you’ve read to and you can also look up dictionary definitions of tricky words and much more.

And if you log in to the Kindle app on your other gadgets, such as a tablet, everything is exactly as you left it, so you can pick up on your reading without hassle.

How much data will it use?

In browsing and downloading books, you’ll use up some of your data allowance, but once your selected publications have been downloaded and stored on to your phone, you won’t need to use your network connection. This means you won’t be spending anything and you can read where there isn’t a signal, such as on the London Underground.

What’s the damage?

You don’t even have to part with any cash immediately. To test drive the app, why not download a free book? The free-of-charge choices include popular classics by authors including Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

With certain paid-for titles, you also have to chance to try before you buy, with a first chapter available to download for free before you commit to buying the entire book. If you decide you want to buy a ‘book’, this works in exactly the same way as your online Amazon account, where you enter your card details and any purchases are deducted from that card.

The last word.

This app really comes into its own if you’re going on holiday or planning a long journey where you need to be entertained. Just don’t use it in the bath – smartphones and water generally don’t mix!