Apps to help with home improvements.

Three apps to help with home improvements article header image

Home improvement. It’s what Sunday mornings were made for. We all start out with the best of intentions: hanging those coat hooks or fixing the wonky shelf. But unless you spent your childhood odd-jobbing and hanging pictures for grandma, it’s an uphill struggle.


Make sure it doesn’t end in tears by kitting your phone up with some great apps. Alright, we know what you’re thinking. An app can’t find that drill bit you dropped in between the floorboards… but it can help you make the tea. Don’t believe us? Read on!

Bubble level for Android (free)


Now where did you put that spirit level? With the Bubble level app, you don’t need it – just reach for your phone instead. Lay your phone flat on any surface to tell if it’s precisely horizontal or vertical. Works best on a phone with flat, not curved, sides.

B and Q for iPhone (free)


If you wish someone was there to give you bit of a helping hand, the B and Q DIY app is perfect for you. With hints and tips from experts, guides to simple tasks around the house such as fixing electrics and plumbing, and a handy store locator for stocking up on all your essentials. You’ll also see updates on special offers, vouchers and discounts – so you can plan your projects to take advantage of them.

Tea app for iPhone (£0.69)


Tea goes with DIY like a Mr Whippy goes with days at the beach: anything else would just be wrong. But how do you like yours? Builder’s, sweet, dishwater or – shudder – Earl Grey? Use the pre-loaded brew suggestions to prepare the perfect cuppa – then save tasting notes and ratings based on brew time, temperature and flavour.