Discover Google Play Music™.

Google Play Music™

The must-have music app.

When it comes to music apps, Google Play Music™ is pretty hard to beat.

Not only do you get access to more than 30 million songs, there are also some really nifty features that make it the must-have app for all music lovers.

It’s available on Android and iOS and you can also access it on the web.

So, what can Google Music do?

As we’ve mentioned, there are millions of songs in the Google Play Music library, so no matter what tune you’re looking for – from the obscure to the overplayed – you can be pretty sure you’ll find it.

Latest releases and iconic albums are all there for streaming, and the best bit? You can listen to any genre, song, album or artist ad-free on any device. So there are no annoying interruptions.

Add your favourite playlists.

Avid Apple user? You can add up to 50,000 of your iTunes® songs and playlists to Google Play Music for free.

So, if you’re out and about with your smartphone or tablet, and connected to our network, you can access your entire music library. You can even download music to listen offline, so you can still bop along to the beat when you’re underground on the tube, or in an area with bad coverage.

And if you’re chilling out at home, you can play your music through speakers at the touch of a button via Chromecast or Sonos.

Enjoy a Music Concierge service.

If you’re a paying user with Google Play Music, you’ll also get some extra features.

In the gym? Relaxing with the Sunday papers? Hosting a dinner party? The Music Concierge service will recommend playlists depending on the time of day or what you're doing.

When you open Play Music on Android, iOS or the web you'll be greeted with track suggestions, based on predictions of what you're doing at that very moment.

For example, it could say: "It's Wednesday morning - play music for 'singing in the shower', 'commuting' or 'the school run'."

Be a DJ.

You can also create your own instant compilations based on what you want to hear.

You can re-order and skip songs whenever you like. Just choose your favourite artist, album, song or genre to launch a unique playlist that constantly updates itself with more of the music it knows you’ll love.

Google Play Music lets you take all your favourite music wherever you go, but it also offers you the chance to discover more. You don’t have to do all the searching either, because new music recommendations will come to you.