Love games? Get the Three Games app.

Love games? Get the Three Games app article header image.

Whether you’re a hardcore gaming fanatic, or casually indulge in the odd brain puzzler, it’s time you downloaded the Three Games app.


The app is free to download, and once you’re in you’ll find there is something for everyone. If you’re used to using the Three Games Store, you’ll find the navigation much easier and slicker, with colour coded tabs to help you on your way.


Don’t worry about bank details, or long drawn out checkouts, as all your purchases will go directly onto your phone bill. The games are also all stored neatly in the Download area, so they’ll never be far away.


So, what will it be for you? Here’s a little teaser of some our latest and most popular offerings.


FIFA 12 - A must-have for all footy fans. From the Premier League to La Liga, choose from over 250 clubs and play like a pro with Rooney, Kaka or Messi.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Mobile - Test your military mettle in 15 different covert missions. Action guaranteed!


Bejeweled - This classic gem-swapping game will test your brain as well as your thumbs.


The Twilight Saga: Memory Quest - One for the girls. Match tokens, collect gems, earn trophies and check out cool Twilight images.


To download the app, simply go to Planet 3 and, if you’re phone is compatible, you’ll see the banner you need to click on. At the moment it is only supported on Android phones, but we’re hoping to add more operating systems in the near future.