Our top three weather-checking apps.

Our top three weather-checking apps article header image

As Brits, it’s our duty to spend hours talking about the weather. From speculation about whether the match’ll be rained off to knowing whether to put your flowerpots in the greenhouse for the night, we all have sources we trust to provide accurate forecasts.


Most phones have a weather app built in, and some even display information from this on the homescreen. For example, Yahoo! Weather is built into all iPhones, and it’s free to use.


For true weather aficionados however, this won’t be enough. Try our selection and find the most accurate.

WeatherBug for Android and iPhone (free).


Automatically detecting where you are and providing forecasts for up to 7 days, WeatherBug is a favourite with international travellers. It takes data from weather stations around the world to ensure you always know whether to take a brolly out with you, wherever you may be.

Download the Weatherbug app for Android or for iPhone. 


Met Office for iPhone (free).


It’s a national institution. Their data’s used across the world in newspapers, on the TV and on the radio. And now you can get the Met Office’s forecasts wherever you go with the Met Office iPhone app.

Download the Met Office iPhone app. 


BBC Weather on your mobile.


Not into apps? The BBC’s mobile weather site is a handy alternative. Just type the address below into your phone’s browser window and bookmark it so you can keep going back there. You can even check the shipping forecast if you’re heading out to sea.