Best Apple apps of the week.

Top Apple apps.


Since it launched in 2008, Apple's App Store has seen 40 billion apps downloaded (excluding updates). Almost half of those were downloaded in 2012 (with two billion downloaded in December alone), and the store now has 775,000 iOS apps available. Now, we know this is a bit of a bold statement, but we reckon that these app thingies might just be catching on.


This week’s crop of popular Apple apps includes one to help you wake up fighting fit and another to help you eat better. Being reckless and irresponsible is always more fun of course. So to balance things out, we’ve also included a new entry that’ll let you live the stuntman dream. Appropriately, it’s a high flyer.  



Joe Danger.

Joe Danger (£1.99)

Joe the stuntman nails the jump from the games console. Responsive controls and Retina 3D graphics impress. One gripe: surely any stuntman worth his salt should have a big, sexy ’tache? 


Sleep Cycle alarm clock.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock (£0.69)

Wake up on the right side of the bed. Sleep Cycle monitors your movements and wakes you when you’re in your lightest sleep phase during a 30-minute window. Baffling but brilliant.



Change4Life healthier recipes (Free)

Choose from over 100 recipes. Meal Mixer provides inspiration by randomly choosing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Add the ingredients from the chosen recipes to a shopping list. Magnifique.


BBC Sport

BBC Sport (Free)

Still the table-topper (although there have been grumblings that content can disappear if a Wi-Fi connection is lost). Customise the app with quick links to your favourite sport.


Wood Camera Vintage Photo Editor.

Wood Camera Vintage Photo Editor (£0.69)

Yet another photo app (groan). But hear us out. This one offers a greater set of tools than say, Instagram, without being overwhelming. Fast and slick. Just like our round-up.