Top restaurant-finding apps.

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Top restaurant-finding apps.

If you’re anything like us, you love eating out. But instead of always going to the same old restaurants and pubs, why not use your phone to find new and exciting places to meet with friends?

Don’t just choose at random: choose top rated restaurants, choose the closest to you right now, choose the cheapest or choose the ones that are open on Sundays. With apps, there are loads of different ways to explore places you’d never have thought to go in the past – or places you never even knew existed.

We’ve put together our favourite restaurant-finding apps to help you get the best out of your local eateries.

Best for finding new restaurants: Yell.

Yell is great for showing you all the restaurants, bars and clubs in your area – in a really visual way. It also uses augmented reality to show you what’s near you, which places are open, what type of food they serve and how much it all costs. Plus, you can get help choosing where to go by checking the restaurant reviews and recommendations left by other Yell users.

Yell is free to download for iPhone, Android, Windows 7, Nokia and BlackBerry. Find the right app for your phone here.

Best for finding your favourite dishes: Foodspotting.

If you know what type of food you want to eat but aren’t quite sure where to get it, Foodspotting is the app for you. Enter ‘Chinese’, ‘Thai’ or ‘Czechoslovakian’ and it’ll search your local area, listing out the best places to get the dishes you enjoy. Be adventurous and try searching for new cuisines - and if you do find a Czech restaurant, let us know!

Foodspotting is free to download for iPhone and Android.

Best for loyalty and making reservations: OpenTable.

OpenTable is a management tool for finding restaurants that are near you and booking tables. You can even earn points and rewards if you regularly use the app to make table reservations. It makes sense really – shouldn’t you get something back for being a loyal customer? Only thing is, with 15,000 restaurants signed up across the US and UK, you might find that not all restaurants in your area are included – but if your favourite one’s on there, you’re quids in.

OpenTable is free to download for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

There are also plenty of great recipe apps out there, so if you’re on a budget you can stay in without missing out on any delectable dining.

With these top restaurant apps, there’s really no excuse for visiting the same food venues time and time again. Go on - surprise your friends by taking them somewhere new and exciting.