We share our favourite apps: Androidify


We’ve been asking our people to share some of the best things they’ve found on their phones recently. 
Gaby wanted to tell us about an app she loves. Her choice? Androidify, an app that lets you make virtual Android robot versions of all your friends and family.
More about how it works.
You can customise your robots by adding hair, clothes, accessories and more to make them look just like the real thing. Stretch them and shrink them to adjust their height and, er, width.
Then add anything from party hats and bling to bananas, monster feet and quiffs. Never has the phrase ‘something for everyone’ been truer.
Share your Android people for maximum fun.
Don’t forget to share what you’ve made: upload your Androids to Facebook, Twitter and more, set them as images in your contacts list or set them as wallpaper for guaranteed amusement. 
You could even send a personalised birthday or thank you card starring your robots by using the  Touchnote app
And if you’re a true Android fan, make a robot version of yourself to use as your profile picture on social networks – or get busy Androidifying your relatives for a 21st century family snap. 
Why we love Androidify.
It’s a productive way to keep yourself entertained when you’ve got five minutes to spare. If you love all things Android, it’s a must-have – but even if you’re not interested in all that, it’s sure to raise a chuckle and help to pass the time when you’re waiting for the bus or queuing at the supermarket.