We share our favourite apps: Clear.


We’ve been asking our people to share some of the best things they’ve found on their phones recently.

Chris wanted to tell us about one of the latest apps he’s downloaded for iPhone. It’s Clear, a really simple to-do list app.

More about how it works.

We all know how to write a to-do list. But actually doing what’s on it? That’s a different matter. Pieces of paper get lost, you end up writing chores on your hand, and you’re taking the bins out at 7am in your slippers sooner than you can say ‘organisationally challenged’.

With Clear on your iPhone, there’s no confusion. Just open a new list, add items and you’re done. All your to-do lists are in one place. You can colour code your tasks based on how important or urgent they are too.

Then you can keep all your lists separate: from your shopping list to things you’ve got to remember before you go on holiday; from phones you’re researching to people you need to strike off your Christmas card list.

Why we love Clear.

Lots of apps that are aimed at keeping you organised have endless reminders, widgets, bells and whistles. But sometimes you don’t need things nagging at you all the time, and you don’t want to fill in due dates, set reminders and get annoying updates.

So for times when you just want a simple list that you can take with you and add to anywhere you go, Clear is ideal.