We share our favourite apps: TuneWiki.

We’ve been asking our people to tell us about some of the best things they’ve found on their phones recently. 


Here’s Gio to share what he loves about TuneWiki, an app that shows you the lyrics of a song while you’re listening to it on your phone.


More about how it works.


When you’re playing music, open the app and you’ll be able to see the lyrics scrolling through automatically. If you’re listening to the radio, the app will identify the song and the artist – so you know who it is and you can find more music by them. 


You can also share what you’re listening to with your social networks, and share lyrics as you listen to your tunes.


See who else is listening to the music you love.


On a train to a gig? Switch on TuneWiki and see who else in your carriage is getting a fix of that band’s music on their way there too. With people all over the world using this app, it’s fascinating to see who else has the same music taste as you – whether they’re in Germany, Mexico or Sumatra.


Why we love TuneWiki.


It’s really useful if you’re an expert at mishearing lyrics. So before you start belting out ABBA’s ‘feel the beat from the tangerine’ or Queen’s ‘another one rides the bus’, fire up TuneWiki and you’ll know exactly what the real words are: no more embarrassing singalong sessions!  


If you want to memorise the words of a song for a performance, it’ll get you word perfect in no time.  And as Gio says, it’s also ideal if English isn’t your first language – so you can learn new words, spellings and expressions.


Available for iPhone, Android, Nokia,  Windows Phone and BlackBerry