What is Instagram?

What is Instagram

What is Instagram?

If you haven’t discovered Instagram yet, where have you been? With over 50 million users, Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social network apps and a great way to share your photos online.



Setting up an account.
Setting up an account takes less than a minute (although with so many users, you’ll need to think of a creatively different user name).



Finding people to follow.
Once your account’s set up you can start searching for people and topics to follow. For example, you can add all your Facebook friends that have Instagram accounts in one go. Or you can search for random things like ‘cats’, ‘burgers’ and ‘shoes’, or whatever else interests you, and follow the accounts that have lots of pictures of those subjects. There’s also an option to see the pics your contacts have liked, so you can check out what they’re into.



Getting followers.
Of course, people will follow you too. And the more often you upload pics (so long as they’re interesting of course), the more followers you’ll get. Don’t worry if your photo taking skills aren’t very good, as the great thing about Instagram is that you can apply a digital filter to your photo before you share it. And, by adding a hashtag to your pics you can make them easier for people to discover.



Taking pics.
To get started just take a picture using your camera while you’ve got the app open, or choose one from your photo library. Then, you’ll be given a series of filter options at the bottom of the screen. Try each one out until you find the effect you like, then select the green tick and the effect will be applied. You can choose to share your photo with all your Instagram followers, as well as your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

As all our Pay Monthly price plans come with loads of data, you can use Instagram all you like without worrying about a surprise data bill. So if you haven’t tried it out yet, what are you waiting for? It’s a fantastic way of keeping yourself entertained, getting in contact with new people and taking some great photos – all on the network built for the internet.