Instagram: here’s the lowdown.

What is Instagram

The chances are, you’ve heard of Instagram. If you haven’t, then you’ve definitely seen an Instagram image, even if you’re not aware of it. With 50 million users, isn’t it about time you joined in the fun?


What is Instagram?


Broadly speaking, it’s a social media platform that’s all about photos and the different ways that we can enjoy them on our mobile phones and tablets.


What does it do?


Firstly, you can use Instagram to enhance your images in a number of ways.


Tilt images, flip them and resize them. Add borders, pick different edges, adjust contrasts. Use any of the filters to enrich your photos, depending on what suits the image. Embellish a portrait with a vintage effect, transform a landscape with a different perspective, adjust the strength of the colours in a shot.


Maybe you’d like a professional touch to your family photos? Perhaps you just want to have a play with your holiday snaps. The choice is yours.


What’s so great about it?


Mainly, Instagram’s success lies in the fact that it’s very easy to do something that used to be incredibly hard. Instagram has revolutionised the concept of editing photos on a mobile device.


And whatever you do to your image, when you’ve finished, Instagram’s social media side comes into play - so you can share your activity and socialise.


But don’t forget that you’ll be able to get even more out of Instagram with Three.


Our 4G network will make all these tweaks and features happen at lightning speed, and because you can use your phone in 18 countries at no extra cost with Feel At Home, you’ll be able to make the most of your holiday snaps and share them via Instagram without having to worry about the pennies.


Being sociable.


As far as Instagram is concerned, its key features are in line with those of the other social media sites like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Your pictures can be ‘liked’, different users can be ‘followed’ and comments can be made.


Connectivity is the name of the game these days and you can link your Instagram account to your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr profiles for seamless integration. Each time you upload a photo to Instagram, you’ll have the chance to share it somewhere else too.


Of course, all the usual privacy settings are available, so if you don't want a public profile, you can switch that off.


One thing though: prepare for square.


Before getting started, it’s useful to know that Instagram only deals with squares.


That’s vital, because if you’ve taken a landscape snap, you’re going to lose some of it when you upload it. It’s no big deal though and it’s super-easy to crop an image within the app.


The future of Instagram


Instagram is continually looking at ways to improve, be it releasing new features or just addressing good old customer service.


Recent changes mean that while Instagram was primarily designed for mobile use, it now has a web presence too. In addition, you can now also upload videos; but that’s likely to just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of this hugely popular app.


Why not give it a go, get editing, and unleash your inner photographer? Even if you don’t consider yourself an arty-farty type, you’ll be amazed with the results you can get with just a couple of simple taps.