What is an app?

What is an app? article header image

An app - short for application - is a programme that runs on your mobile phone.
Apps cover just about every subject going - games, social networking, sports, news, travel, lifestyle, business. There's an app for just about everything.
Lots of apps are already on your phone. All the icons you see on your screen are apps - programmes that open up on your phone so you can do all the basics – like use maps, open Microsoft Office attachments, add up with a calculator or play basic games.

But I thought apps were supposed to be fun?
It gets more interesting when you start downloading your own apps, effectively customising your phone with apps that will make your life easier or more interesting.
To find your perfect app, you need to visit the app market or store – you’ll find that an icon taking you there has already been installed on your phone. Just tap it to enter.

Choosing your new apps.

Some apps are free and some of them must be paid for. The app market or store helps you make the right choice by dividing apps into categories of interest and letting you know which ones are free and which are paid for. 
If you want to pay for an app, you can enter your payment details as you would on a computer. When you register with an app market or store, it will remember your details each time you go back, making the process much quicker.
Once you’ve chosen your app, just follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it.

Finding and using your apps. 
Every time you open the apps section on your phone, you'll see the apps you've downloaded. They'll always be there but you can usually move them to your homescreen for easy access.
There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there and more are being created every day. Maybe it’s time to start exploring – you never know what you might find.