8 great apps for all the family.

8 great apps for all the family article header image.


Family Quest thumb

Family Quest (free, iPhone)


Remember when family chores used to be boring? Not any more, with this fun app. Each family member is enrolled to the Pirate Ship Crew, and must complete their assigned tasks to earn coins for their reward. So, whether it's cleaning the dishes, doing homework or walking the dog, there'll be nice treat waiting at the end.  Read more here.


Bupa Fitness app

Bupa Fitness (free, iPhone and Android)


Keep all the family in great health with this fitness app. It's designed for all age groups, making it perfect for old and young alike. The simple exercises can be done at home or on the go, and focus on four key areas - flexibility, core stability, balance and strength.


Betty Crocker app

Betty Crocker: Mobile Cookbook (free, iPhone and Android)


Kitchen expert, Betty Crocker, is here to lend you a helping hand and serve up some delicious family meals. With over 9,000 kitchen-tested recipes at your fingertips, you'll be sure to keep the household happy and well fed.


Baby bump app

BabyBump Pregnancy (free, iPhone and Android)


Here's a helpful little app for those with a new addition on the way. Keep a diary, get weekly information about your growing bump and use the friendly forum to connect with other mums around the world for advice and reassurance. Also, there's now an all new JUST FOR DADS group.


Pampers out and about app

Pampers Out and About (free, iPhone)


Search for family-friendly places to visit near you or in a destination of your choice and share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter. And if you’re caught short and need to find a baby changing station ASAP, the app will load a map with directions to help you get there.


Google latitude app

Google Latitude (free, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry)


Google Maps works with your Gmail contacts so you can see where family and friends are, without having to call to check up on them. Their current locations are shown on the map screen and updated as they travel around. Simply perfect if you need to pick them up from the train station.


Amazon Kindle app

Amazon Kindle (free, iPhone and Android)


There’s nothing like curling up with a cuppa and a good book - but the Kindle app is the next best thing. Find bestsellers, browse the latest from your favourite author or check out the free books. The app saves your page so you can read a chapter to the kids and find your place again the next day. Read more here .


Zoodles app

Zoodles: Kid Mode (free, iPhone and Android)


This app is perfect when the kids want to play with your phone. It lets you create a personalised dashboard where they can find their favourite games. As the adult, you can set time limits, promote educational subjects and get helpful insights into their learning. And best of all, this app needs a password to be able to take or make a phone call.