Dropbox: how the magic happens.

Dropbox: how the magic happens.


Dropbox is a nifty piece of kit that allows you to store and access files at any time, wherever you are in the world, as long as you’ve got an internet connection. It’s a super easy way to share photos, docs and spreadsheets across all of your devices.

If you’re new to the world of online storage and how it works, take a read of our guide on all things Dropbox.

How does Dropbox work then?

Dropbox keeps all of your information (like photos, videos and important documents) in a special folder in the cloud.

It works a bit like a locker that you can just stick your stuff in – only, instead of a sweaty gym kit, think more along the lines of your holiday snaps.

Whenever you want to back-up a file, just drag or save it into the folder and it’ll be available across all your gadgets.

Dropbox works across most devices, and lets you use one account on your PC, laptop, phone and tablets. Just use the same login for every device and away you go.

When would you use Dropbox?

You can use Dropbox for whatever you want. From showing friends your videos to accessing shared documents, it’s a pretty handy app to have on your device.

Many people use it simply as an on-the-go storage option. If you need to access your documents on the other side of the world, it’s a piece of cake. What’s even better is that, with Three’s Feel At Home service (which operates in 16 destinations around the world), you can use your data allowance on your smartphone or tablet, without paying a penny more than you would in the UK.

Dropbox is also a great collaboration tool. You can easily share links to folders with colleagues, or jointly modify files – just like you're working on a single computer.

Another key feature is that “private” is the default setting, so you can control who sees what.
So, even if your device ends up lost, stolen or broken, you can use its security features so that Dropbox will keep all your stuff safe - and then restore it in just a few clicks.

There are plenty of alternatives to Dropbox too – check out our guide on Cloud storage options for more info.