Best educational apps for kids

Best educational apps for kids

Whether your children are in primary or secondary school, did you know that you can help them with their homework using your phone or tablet? Education isn’t just books anymore, it’s digital too – and there are plenty of apps out there to help.


From maths and English, to science and history, here’s our rundown of some of the best tools for school kids…



Coursesmart - iPhone, Android, Windows Phone (free)


Gone are the days of shelling out for expensive textbooks that kids are only going to use once. This app gives access to more than 7,000 textbooks on your phone or tablet. The virtual books cost about half as much as they would if you bought them off the shelf, and can be read wherever and whenever you are (though may be easier on the eyes with a tablet).



MyHomework - iPhone, Android, Windows Phone (free)


Planning on paper will be a thing of the past thanks to this app, which claims to be the ‘leading cross-platform student planner’. It syncs across all your devices, so your child can easily access all their classes and assignments anytime, anywhere. MyHomework also automatically colour-codes things according to their due date, so now there’s no excuse for not getting their homework in on time, unless the dog’s eaten it of course. - iPhone, Android (free)


If you download the app you’ll have nearly 400,000 definitions and a thesaurus at your fingertips (so that’s two less books to carry). And the ‘word of the day’ widget gives you a quirky little piece of knowledge that your kids can impress their teacher and friends with. It’s also worth downloading’s Flashcards app to help with revision.



Classes - iPhone (£1.49)


The Classes app is a simple way to view your child’s school schedule. You can see what’s coming up at a glance, so you’ll know exactly when to pack their PE kit, their recorder or their sandwiches for that trip they’re going on. You can also add notes to events and organise things the way you like them with colour coding. 



Timetable - Android (free)


The Android Timetable app lets you save your child’s timetable and all your tasks, from homework to those dreaded exams. It’ll sync across all your Android devices and has a handy function to automatically mute during lessons (should your child have a device of their own). You can view their timetable as a grid or list, and you’ve got the option of a two, three or four week cycle. There are also notifications for lessons and upcoming tasks.


Google Keep

Google Keep - Android (free)


With Google Keep, your child can track their thoughts through notes, lists and photos. It’ll automatically transcribe their voice notes too, so they can quickly and easily keep a record of anything that pops into their head. Notes can be colour-coded to help find them at a later date, and you can also turn them into checklists by adding checkboxes.


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