Best smartphone weather apps.

smartphone weather apps

“Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you”, so you might as well get the best weather apps on your phone and be prepared.


Most smartphones have a built-in weather app that’s free to use, but like all good weathermen, sometimes this can still be wrong. So it’s best to have a few apps set up, that way you can compare forecasts.


Thanks to Doppler Radar, satellite imagery, advances in meteorology and 4G from Three you can stay up-to-date with the weather whenever you like, and wherever* you go. And there are plenty of nifty weather-related apps to choose from. Here are a few to get you started.


Dark Sky App

Dark Sky - iPhone (£2.49)


Reviews say that Dark Sky delivers very accurate weather predictions. The design’s slick, and it offers 24-hour and week-long forecasts. But it’s the more instantaneous offering that sets it apart from the rest.


The app pushes notifications to your phone - so if it’s going to start drizzling in 15 minutes, you won’t be caught out. Unfortunately this app isn’t free, but it’s a small price to pay for knowing if you’ll be keeping dry or having to pack your sunnies.


Accuweather App

AccuWeather Platinum - iPhone, Android (from £1.75)


We’re talking accurate, minute-by-minute forecasts that are updated hourly. Want to know the weather at an exact location? No problem. This is AccuWeather’s forte. This app can tell you whether you’ll need a brolly or not, even down to a specific street address.


All the info is displayed in a series of clear charts, so there’s no chance of you swiping past something crucial. You can also set the app to display local weather reports in your status bar.


Horizon Calendar App

Horizon Calendar - iPhone (£2.99)


The people behind the Horizon Calendar weather app have worked hard to liven up something that’s been tried and tested. You can enter upcoming appointments (with locations) into your Horizon Calendar, and the app will let you know if you’re going to see sun, ice, snow or sleet.


Horizon syncs with the iOS iPhone calendar app, and a built-in Google-powered search function tries to predict where you’re headed, so you can expect a very clever, very precise forecast.


Yahoo weather App

Yahoo! Weather - iPhone, Android (free)


It’s always nice to have a free option, and Yahoo! Weather is simple, accurate, easy to use, and offers just the right amount of detail. Reassuringly, the app uses your phone’s built-in GPS to locate you and give you the local temperature and forecast. However, other than the ability to give a specific location-based forecast, Yahoo’s offering isn’t particularly personal.


BBC weather App

BBC Weather - iPhone, Android (free)


If you’re a little bit traditional and enjoy receiving your forecast from the good old Beeb, this one’s for you. Boasting a simple and clear design, the app offers detailed hourly forecasts, as well as useful information surrounding pollen and pollution levels. It is optimised specifically for iOS, meaning it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a smooth operator on the iPhone.


What’s more, the system automatically stores your favorite locations around the globe, meaning all you have to do is swipe down, and you could be checking the conditions of your châteaux in Les Alpes Françaises or your casa on the Riviera Italiana in seconds.


There are more weather apps for Android in our 3Likes store. Got any other apps you’d recommend? Tweet us at @ThreeUK with your suggestions.


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