Welcome to the next evolution in mobile. Welcome to 4G.

Our 4G rollout is now well underway and we have successfully launched in parts of the UK. As our rollout continues, we aim to reach parts of 50 cities and many more towns by the end of 2014 and cover 98% of the UK population by the end of 2015. We already have an Advanced 3G network, the fastest in the UK. 4G is the next evolution in our commitment to bringing you an even faster, smoother and more reliable internet experience.

4G at no extra cost, Kitty cat high five.

Why choose 4G on Three?   |    Seamless switching to 4G.   |    When will I get 4G?    |    FAQs.


Why choose 4G on Three?



Faster internet at no extra cost.

We have a huge range of the latest 4G devices.

Make the most of 4G with all-you-can-eat-data (and never go over your bundle).



Seamless switching to 4G.

At Three, we believe in hassle free 4G.That’s way there are just three easy steps to getting 4G at no extra cost.



What you'll need:


When will I get 4G?

We’re on target to roll-out 4G to selected sites across the UK where we have the highest demand for our services. We’ll be targeting selected sites in the following towns and cities by the end of 2014.






How can I get 4G?
To get 4G when it comes to your area you need to make sure you’ve downloaded all the latest software updates on your 4G device. Your 4G update is not labelled as 4G, so we recommend you download all software updates to ensure you have access to 4G when it comes to your area.
Why get 4G?
Everyone wants the latest technology and 4G is no different. Very simply, it provides greater download speeds and reduces the latency (the time it takes to load) for things like real time gaming. But for most of the stuff you do on your phone you won’t actually need 4G. For things like Facebook, YouTube, email Twitter and general browsing 1mbps speeds are plenty and even if you have more you may not even notice the difference. So while 4G is great, our Advanced 3G network is also excellent for the majority of things you want to do. And of course it’s the fastest 3G network on the UK.