How the new features on the iPhone 7 will change your life.

Last updated: 1 November 2016

A brief history of iPhone.

So many features, so little time. We know that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are full of new sparkly things but, tech aside, they’re actually going to impact our lives on a daily basis.

The water resistance means that we can finally watch a movie in the bath, or listen to music on the beach without the fear. You know what we’re talking about.

The dual-camera on the iPhone 7 Plus has a proper zoom for the first time, so holiday photos or celebrity stalking attempts never have to look pixelated again. Plus, the new Portrait mode gives you that sharp-face fuzzy-background effect that looks so profesh and amazing.

Yes, we’re mourning the headphone situation too, but we’re also excited. A future with no wires means no tangles, and that’s enough to make us smile through the pain.

And finally, that boosted battery will give us about 2 hours more use. Can we actually finish our on-the-way-home-from-a-night-out playlist without our phone cutting out? Maybe yes…

As with any sparkly new Apple release, media focus tends to fall heavily on design and new features, and the recent launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was no exception. All around the world people gathered, clutching their old, weathered handsets, and silently praying that the new iPhone would be as epic as they imagined..

And of course, it was. They absolutely smashed it. Of course there were some, ahem, controversial decisions [emotional glance at discarded headphones] but the new features are, by and large, total game-changers.

Hold on, you’re not convinced? Ok, here are all the ways that the 4 major iPhone 7 features are going to genuinely improve your life.

Using your phone near water without having a heart attack

First thing’s first, yeah it’s not fully waterproof. But splash and water resistance is just as useful, unless you’re a professional scuba diver. Drop your phone into a puddle and, as long as it’s maximum 3 feet deep, it should be ok. Forget about late-night accidental pub toilet drops, this takes away an entire emotional spectrum of beach anxiety. Suddenly browsing your phone while you’re in the bath can be a legitimate thing, or having your phone in the shower with you for an amplified playlist. Dream.

Ok, we should probably point out that this feature is there mostly to avoid disasters or unnecessary meltdowns. It doesn’t mean that your phone is now the technology equivalent of Squirtle. The more contact it has with water, the more likely it is to do damage, so use sparingly. But be thankful that a bag of rice can just be a bag of rice again. For eating.


So, the important thing here is that the iPhone 7 Plus has a different and better camera to the iPhone 7. For the first time. It’s pretty mental. Don’t get us wrong, the original iPhone 7 is an amazing 12-megapixel wonder, but the Plus has 2 cameras, with a wide angel lens and a telephoto lens. Without going into all the technicalities, there are basically 2 great new things you can do with this (these) camera (cameras).

The first sounds simple, but is amazing. You can now perform what’s known as an ‘optical zoom’. With our current old-school digital zoom basically what happens is the picture just focuses on an area and makes it bigger. Kind of like cropping it again and again until you just have a blown-up, slightly pixelated view. With optical zoom, it works more like a telescope – you can actually zoom in closer with the same detail, Like a proper camera. It’s very exciting, and basically makes taking photos of stuff-that’s-not-right-in-front-of-you way more fun. Like nature, or architecture, or a plane taking off, or a celebrity sitting on the other side of the train carriage.

The second feature is equally cool Portrait mode. Get ready to freak out, Instagram fans. Right, so you know those really nice posh photos where the person is all sharp and crisp and the background is blurred? You can now do that automatically with this new photo feature. So headshots, band photos, really nice pictures of your SO, they’re all achievable. Get ready to look super profesh.


Let’s be honest, we’re all a bit shocked and saddened to know that the headphone jack is on borrowed time. Although the new lightening port headphones are basically exactly the same, and Apple do provide a (tiny but cute) adapter in case you prefer another brand, we all know deep down that the future of audio probably lies in Bluetooth technology.

We’ve heard a lot of nostalgic wailing in the media, but we’re actually pretty excited about this whole new way of listening to stuff. The new wireless AirPods are packed with incredible technology to provide great quality and experience, and remember the tech is only going to get better and more user friendly as time goes on.

Most importantly: No. More. Tangled. Headphones. Ever. Again.

Battery life

Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus have had a significant battery upgrade – probably because draining battery is everyone’s worst bugbear. With our ever increasing technical needs and desires, we still expect the same level of performance. So despite the fact that we’re constantly Snap-chatting, sleep tracking and Spotify streaming, we never want to run out of power. Reasonable, right? Well, Apple are working hard to make that happen, and the new boost to mAh (This is the measure of a battery's energy storage capacity ) gives you around 2 hours more juice than you’d get on the iPhone 6S.

Looks like your night bus playlist might finally last until home.