The best DIY apps to help with your home improvements.

Last updated: 19 May 2015

The best DIY apps to help with your home improvements.

Home improvements are a necessary evil, and many of us are slave to the paintbrush, screwdriver and spirit level on a sunny bank holiday afternoon. So, whether you’re a handy Andy or a DIY disaster, it’s good to know there’s a helping hand just a swipe away on your smartphone. Take a look at our rundown of the best DIY apps and turn your smartphone into a digital toolbox:

  • Bubble Level.

    Bubble LevelAndroid, iPhone (free)

    How many of us wing it when we put up pictures or shelves when we should be reaching for a spirit level? With this DIY app, you don’t need one. Just lay your phone flat on any surface to tell if it’s precisely horizontal or vertical. This app works best on phones with flat - rather than curved - sides, like an iPhone. Spirit Level (FP) is another free app that you can download if you’re on a Windows Phone.

  • B&Q.

    B&Q Android, iPhone (free)

    If you’re looking for a helping hand, this app is perfect for you. It gives you hints and tips from experts, guides to simple tasks around the house such as fixing electrics and plumbing, and a handy store locator for stocking up on all your essentials. You’ll also see updates on special offers, vouchers and discounts, so you can avoid blowing the DIY budget.

  • MyRoomPainter.

    MyRoomPainterAndroid, iPhone (free)

    There’s nothing more satisfying that a fresh lick of paint, but what if you get the colour all wrong? There are so many options these days (you can even get a bespoke colour match), so it’s never easy to make a final choice. And how do you know if it’ll work in your house when all you get is a tiny tester pot? That’s where Crown Paints’ MyRoomPainter comes in. This virtual paintbrush app lets you superimpose any colour that Crown Paints offer on any image from your house. Just pick your main colour choice and MyRoomPainter will give you complementary colours to match.

  • Houzz.

    HouzzAndroid, iPhone, Windows Phone (free)

    If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to your next DIY project, look no further. Houzz gives you beautiful images loaded up by other users who’ve carried out renovations, complete with their comments and information about where you can buy stuff from (a dangling price tag appears in the image). You can also search any question you might have about your project, like “How do I make a padded headboard?”, you’ll get real-life examples and the chance to ask questions to the experts. Create your own albums of the things that inspire you and you’ll never need an interior designer again.

  • My Measures PRO.

    My Measures PROiPhone, (£5.99)

    If you’re serious about DIY and fancy yourself as a renovation expert, you’ll be used to sketching out objects and plans. With My Measures PRO you can store and share dimensions. Just take a photo of an object, then add measurements, arrows, angles, photos of details, and comments if needed. My Measures is a must-have tool for engineers, architects, engineers and carpenters – so if it’s good enough for them…

So, next time you’re planning home improvements, make sure you reach for your smartphone before you hit the DIY store or grab your toolbox. With inspiration, ideas, advice and virtual tools at your fingertips, your phone should be your first port of call when you’re about to do it yourself.

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