How to create a secure password.

Last updated: 7 January 2016

How to create a secure password

We all love mobile internet, but it’s really important to protect your details whenever you’re online - whether you’re browsing, shopping or banking.

The simplest way to protect your data and your device is to create a secure password.

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re on the right track:


  1. Use a numbers and characters.

    Try and combine letters (upper and lower case), numbers, underscores, and special characters like exclamation marks or symbols where possible.
    Lots of sites tell you how strong your proposed password is when you’re setting up an account, which is always handy.

  2. Length is important.

    Don’t assume that a short password means it’ll be quicker to get into your account. Whatever password you choose, you’ll get used to typing it pretty quickly.
    Longer passwords are more secure as they’ll take a hacker longer to crack.

  3. Make it memorable.

    For a really secure password, Google suggests combining the first letters of a well-known phrase, the lyrics of a favourite song, or a famous line from a film. For example, ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner!’ would give you ‘Npbitc!’.
    Just add some relevant numbers like the date the film came out and you’ll baffle any hacker.

  4. Change it regularly.

    This could be as simple as adding a date or month to the end of your password each time you change it.

  5. Sign out.

    Remember to sign out of all your accounts when you use a public Wi-Fi connection.
    We’ve all been caught out by our friends on Facebook, but it’s totally different if a stranger steals your personal information or changes your password so you can’t access your account.


When you think about all the personal stuff we store in our apps and online accounts it makes sense to take these simple steps to protect yourself.

We’ve got more information about staying secure online and preventing things like Phishing on our Support pages.

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