How to take the perfect couple selfie.

Last updated: 19 May 2016

How to take the perfect couple selfie.

Taking a selfie is easy-peasy, right? Couple selfies? Whole different ball game. What filters do you use, which angle do you take it from? And is it even possible to fit two people into a photo without the large screen of an iPhone 6s Plus?

Fear not, we’re here to help. If you struggle to take a good photo (and we all do at times) start with our solo selfie tips. With holiday season coming up, we thought it was high time we addressed the couple selfie, AKA the ‘usie.’

Here’s a handy guide on how to avoid headless crops and solo-only snaps. Plus, as Feel At Home lets you use your phone abroad to call and text home and use data at no extra cost in 18 destinations around the world, you’ll be expected to update your Instagram with all those romantic holiday pics.

  • Traditional selfie. Two beaming faces smiling up at the camera with love.
  • Smoochie selfie. One kisses the other’s cheek or, less common, a full-frontal snog.
  • The ‘Follow Me’ selfie. A trend started by Russian couple Nataly Zakharova and Murad Osmann in 2013, now everyone is showing off their travels with this enticing led-by-the-hand shot.
  • Feet selfie. In hiking boots about to explore the jungle, or entwined on the beach – this is basically any shot that contains legs only.
  • Mirror selfie. Usually in a bathroom before you go for a big night out, it’s the best way to actually get your bodies in the picture. Also check out our best iPhone cases for mirror selfies to add in an extra element of chic.

We’d love it if you’ve found some previously undiscovered methods though, so please share them with @ThreeUK on Twitter or Instagram if you decide to get creative with your camera.

To get you started, here are some pro tips from some of the best couples travel blogs out there…

  • Gaz & Beth - Enjoy the Journey

    Gaz & Beth - Enjoy the Journey.

    “Gaz hates the selfie culture but every now and again when we’re somewhere really cool, or it’s a really special moment that I’d like to remember, I grab the iPhone and snap a selfie. For example, we were in Cartagena, Colombia earlier this year and it was one of the most romantic places we’ve ever been. So when the sun set and the city lights came on, I took a quick pic of the two of us so I’d remember the moment forever.”

    Pro tip: Even if you’re not that into selfies, remember that they’re also about memories. It’s a great way to capture a romantic atmosphere.

  • Andrew & Amy - Our Big Fat Travel Adventure

    Andrew & Amy - Our Big Fat Travel Adventure.

    "Travel is a huge part of our lives and we take thousands of photos to keep a record of our journey and share adventures with our readers. As we run a couple travel blog, we take plenty of 'usies' wherever we are in the world, be it on a beach, mountain, boat or in a city, cave or jungle. We've found that the most successful usies tell a story; there should be more to the photo than just our faces so we pick backgrounds carefully and make sure they help to capture where we are and what we're doing at that moment in time. A long arm, selfie stick or portable tripod can be very useful too."

    Pro tip: Think carefully about your photo – pick the perfect background and get the right equipment too.

  • Paula and Gordon - Contented Traveller.

    Paula and Gordon - Contented Traveller.

    “We do it when we are the only ones around, or when we are too embarrassed to ask someone else to take one of us. We had purchased a Three SIM card for our phones when we got to London from Sydney, Australia. We didn’t expect the card would work throughout Europe but it did, and yes we shared photos of us in front of Buckingham Palace, in front of the Mona Lisa - sad but true - with all of our friends on our social media channels. We even used it in New York, where we played tourist in Times Square.”

    Pro tip: Selfies are so much more fun when they’re shared. Use your selfies as a way to tell your friends and family about your adventures. Plus, with Feel At Home in 18 destinations you don’t have to worry about extra costs, or finding a Wi-Fi spot. Just post on the go.