iPhone 6s: taking it to the extreme.

Last updated: 18 December 2015

Ever been in one of those situations where you’ve done a sick backflip or aced a 360 Caballerial and wished someone had been around to film it?

Nah, us neither. But it probably happens all the time to extreme sports lovers. We caught up with skateboarder Ben Grove, free runner Chase Armitage, BMX biker Alex Coleborn and Olympic Team GB snowboarder Aimee Fuller, to capture them doing their thing around the UK.

Filmed entirely on iPhone 6s, the extremers were able to film and upload video snippets on the spot, thanks to our reliable 4G network, and share all their impressive stunts with their fans in real-time.

Shooting brilliant 4K video – up to four times the resolution of 1080p HD video – the iPhone 6s camera is now more impressive than ever before.

And it means you can shoot whatever you want – back flips, triple somersaults, your cat falling off the sofa – in glorious crystal clear video.

Usually, we’d say don’t try this at home. But, if you’re on the UK’s most reliable network, there’s no harm in trying (just don’t forget to press record before you go).