iPhone SE: why smaller could be better

Last updated: 8 September 2016

iPhone SE: why smaller could be better

Were you one of those people who, when iPhone SE was announced back in March 2016, just shrugged and didn’t really get it? If so, then you’re missing a trick.

Ok, we know the ins and outs of iPhone design aren’t everyone’s thing, but when Apple announced a phone with some incredible state-of-the-art features and a nostalgic design harking back to three or four years ago, a loyal group of fans who had been campaigning to bring back a smaller phone were rejoiced.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are significantly bigger, even without the Plus option, with a 4.7 inch display instead of a 4 inch screen. Most people adjusted fairly quickly but, for some, it wasn’t the same.

So, Apple answered their call with the ‘special edition’ iPhone SE. But the question remains - what’s the benefit of having a smaller phone? Are there any functional reasons that the small design might be better than the bigger device?

It turns out, maybe yes...

It’s less than a handful.

For those with small hands and dainty digits, the introduction of iPhone 6 was a bit of a nightmare. Wrapping your hands around the sleek but unquestionable width of the new models is easier said than done – and not being able to properly grasp the handset caused all kinds of problems: iPhones slipping out of a post-gym sweaty clasp, not being able to text comfortably on a keyboard, children finding it hard to use.

It’s not a widespread problem, but even if 10% of their customer base are petite enough to struggle with this problem, they’re answering the call of millions of people.

It’s easier to snap a photo.

If you’re not a grandmother or at a family reunion, chances are you prefer taking natural photos of your friends and family rather than forced, staged ‘school portrait’ style snapshots. Of course, this is pretty hard if a larger-than-life iPhone 6s Plus is constantly in everyone’s peripheral vision.

Owning a wee phone can make it easier to take photos on the sly, whether that’s catching your bae off-guard when they’re laughing, or spotting Tom Hiddleston on the tube and needing to prove it to your friends without freaking him out.

It’s easier to carry.

It doesn’t matter if you have a massive rucksack, a leather satchel or a designer tote - most people would rather have their iPhone on their person rather than hiding away in their bag. Back in the day you could slip your iPhone 5 into your pocket without a care in the world. But the new iPhone 6 and 6s models with their big screens, curved edges and sleek aluminium and glass cases make this a bit trickier - they always seem to shimmy their way out or poke out the top.

Of course, with the new iPhone SE you can slip this tiny phone into the slimmest of pockets, pop it in a clutch bag without it taking up much room, and even enjoy it in the most stylish colour, too. Of course, we’re talking about the rose gold version.

It’s easier to use one-handed.

Are you one of those people in life who is constantly sipping a cappuccino, or pushing a pram? Maybe you’re always running around and holding things: a grab rail on the London Underground, a newspaper, someone’s hand.

It’s a common problem in modern life and being able to use your smartphone one-handed is an essential part of that. Of course, with the larger iPhone 6 and 6s models you can double-tap on the Home button to create ‘Reachability Mode’ - designed to shift everything down and make apps easier to reach. Or, alternatively, you could invest in iPhone SE and cut out the middle man.

It’s more affordable.

At the end of the day, one of the major benefits to downsizing is that it’s much cheaper. Apple’s iPhone SE is an affordable option for anyone looking for the latest iPhone release with most of the incredible features and benefits of the larger devices. What a bargain.

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