Check out Sony’s range of waterproof camera phones.

Last updated: 11 May 2016

Check out Sony’s range of waterproof camera phones.

Thanks to serious improvements in technology, with Sony’s range of water resistant smartphones, long gone are the days when water on your phone led to disaster. Today, these savvy smartphones can handle exposure to a sudden downpour, a tumble into a nearby puddle, or even a quick dip in the pool. And you don’t have to invest in chunky, unattractive cases and coverings to avoid the hazards of wet conditions either.

This is particularly good news for avid photographers who want to get the perfect pic in the midst of all the action. Whether you're snapping photos at a pool party, or you want to make sure you have the best festival pics when the heavens open, Sony’s waterproof camera phones will have you covered.

Sony started a trend for incredible water-resistant smartphones with the announcement of the Xperia Z back in 2013. From that point on, just about every top-of-the-range Android phone introduced by Sony comes with the added feature of being able to survive a dunking.

For a better insight into exactly what your Sony Xperia might be able to cope with, you'll need to check out the IP (Ingress Protection) number.

If the number starts with a 6, then it indicates complete protection from dust. If the second digit in the IP number is an 8, then it can handle water to a very high standard. The Xperia Z5, for example, can handle low-pressure jets from all angles at a depth of 1.5m for a period of 30 minutes. All that, plus an awesome 23MP camera, definitely make it worth checking out if you’re after a water-resistant smartphone with a decent spec.

The predecessor to the Z5, the Sony Xperia Z3, also scores highly on the ingress protection scale with a rating of IP65/IP68.

You’ll need to make sure that all of the ports are properly closed before you go diving into your nearest pool, and understand that the touchscreen may not work perfectly underwater. But the Z3 is still far more waterproof than many rival smartphones released at the same time. What's more, it comes with a 20.7MP camera for stunning photos, regardless of the conditions.

If you want a phone that looks great and continues to work perfectly after a dive, then the Xperia M4 Aqua is ideal. Again, it has an IP68 rating, so it’s more effective at repelling water and dust than many phones by other manufacturers. The 13MP camera adds an extra positive touch.

Although the M4 Aqua is not quite as high-powered as some other Xperia mobiles, this particular model could work well for those on a budget.

My smartphone isn’t waterproof… Uh oh.

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