What is 4G Super-Voice and how it will improve your life?

Last updated: 17 March 2016

4G Super-Voice

So, 4G Super-Voice. It’s something new and exciting you’ve never heard of but, believe us, soon you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

What is this new, exciting feature you keep banging on about?

We know it sucks when you can't make a call or send a text at home or in the office. So here at Three we're making it right. We listened to you and got ourselves a brand new signal solution which travels across the 4G network.

It’s quite techy, but the long and short of it is that it runs at a lower frequency, allowing the signal to travel deeper into buildings, so that your old blackspots become awash with 4G coverage. This means you can call, message and browse the internet in places you never could before. Genius, huh? Some call it VoLTE, but we call it 4G Super-Voice, because indoor blackspots don’t stand a chance.

How do I get 4G Super-Voice?

We’re currently rolling 4G Super-Voice out across the UK. The good news is that we’re already over half way - at 65% - with most major cities covered, including Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and London.

We’ll be sending out notifications to all our customers if 4G Super-Voice becomes available in your area – actually you might already have one. Better check now. Don’t worry; we’re not offended that you don’t remember every text we send you. *sniff*

Check whether 4G Super-Voice is enabled in your area.

It’s in my area - how do I enable 4G Super-Voice?

First things first, you’ll need a 4G Super-Voice (VoLTE) compatible phone. Luckily, loads of the most popular devices are already compatible, including the iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4, plus we’re adding more all the time, so yours could be next.

Check if your phone is compatible with 4G Super-Voice.

If your phone is all good to go, just make sure you update your phone’s software. This will kick-start 4G Super-Voice’s powers to harness better network coverage, so it’s pretty important.

A big warning though, make sure you back up all your mobile’s precious pictures beforehand, as these updates can sometimes be beefy on the old storage and you might have to delete some of the 100,000 apps you currently have. Hopefully not though.

Then, hey presto, it’s all done.

So, how does 4G Super-Voice really improve my life?

It’s always good to be sceptical, so here’s a brief list of just some of the ways this will make things a bit easier for you:

  • You’re at an amazing gig at your local venue that never used to have signal. But wait – now it does. Prepare your friends for 1000 Snapchats of your favourite song.
  • Moving into that country cottage has always been a dream, but you didn’t realise it would take so long for the Wi-Fi to be set up. Never fear though – your 4G Super-Voice coverage means you can stay connected.
  • Well, that was a fun hike in the hills. But now you’re lost? Before this could’ve been a tragic tale of being eaten by sheep, but now you can just check Google maps and get home safely.
  • Having a date at a museum is romantic, but it’s impossible to find someone you’ve only seen in 14 Tinder pictures amongst this crazy crowd. Gone are the days of fruitless searching and disappointment – you can just text and say “Hey, I’m over by the naked statue. I’m the one with the green hair.”
  • You’re deep in that massive warehouse supermarket doing ‘the big shop’ of the month. What did your other half say as you left the house, something like “Can you get blah and blah?”. Finally you don’t have to guess that they probably wanted shaving foam (they didn’t) and instead you can call and discover that it was in fact just bran flakes.

  • Convinced? We thought so.

    Indoor blackspots are soon to be a thing of the past.