Why dial is much more than a smartwatch.

Last updated: 5 May 2016

Why dial is much more than a smartwatch.

It looks like a smartwatch. It does most of the things a smartwatch does. It even tells the time. But it is so, so much more.

We are, of course, talking about dial, the exciting new wearable device from will.i.am’s innovative i.am+ technology brand, available exclusively on Three.

So, before you go off and tell your friends about this new unique smartwatch you’ve been seeing – STOP. And instead, let us decode the technology behind this mysteriously cool device, and explain why it’s more like a futuristic wearable phone than a smartwatch...

You can talk to dial… or do we mean her?

Probably the most profound difference between dial and a smartwatch is AneedA. She’s your new digital PA, researcher and helpful best friend. She is, however, a voice activated operating system that uses A.I to learn and handle new skills, tailored to your personal needs.

AneedA has been specifically built for wearables and, as such, is created to respond to vocal instructions and provide you with a precise answer to your exact question, rather than listing possible answers to your question like other A.I. assistants on smartphones. Of course, freedom is the key component to dial’s ethos, and so a clever QWERTY keyboard also comes as standard, with autocorrect and over 700 emojis. So, however you want to do it, you can easily send texts, write emails, make calls and issue commands. Sweet.

You can stream over 20 million songs on dial.

i.am+ have stepped up their game with dial, creating a whole new platform where you can stream literally millions of songs that are available to the device. Create playlists, stream online or download for offline listening and even identify music around you with the unique ‘What’s Playing?’ feature.

Plus, unlike other smartwatches, dial comes with EPs – a pair of luxury magnetic Bluetooth earphones that clip around your neck, becoming part of your wardrobe as a connected essential.*

You can make calls with dial.

Unlike most smartwatches, dial is ‘untethered’, meaning that you don’t need a phone or another device to get it to work. It contains a Three SIM card and acts like a normal phone – with custom ringtones, conference calls and contact management as part of the package.This is pretty revolutionary, as other smartwatch products don’t offer this level of freedom.

You can take selfies with dial.

dial includes a front-facing 2.0MP camera so you can take cheeky selfies with your friends, family, pets and any celebrities you spot while out and about. A pretty unique feature for a ‘smartwatch.’

You can find your way with dial.

Forget measuring your fitness and telling you the weather (although dial does this too), the maps feature is so advanced, you’ll forget you’re getting your directions from the tiny device on your wrist.

Feeling inspired? You can pre-order dial from Three today, in either black or white.

* Music service provided by i.am+, tracks may vary.