Choosing a Mobile Broadband contract

Choosing a Mobile Broadband contract

Everyone loves the internet. And at Three, we want you to be able to get online whenever and wherever you are without it costing the earth.

With Mobile Broadband you can connect to the internet wherever you go. It’s the Internet with legs. You don’t have to be plugged in with an ethernet cable, or even be in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot, since Mobile Broadband technology provides you with your very own personal internet connection.

If you’re completely new to Mobile Broadband, then our Beginners Guide to Mobile Broadband is the place to start.

The sheer freedom and flexibility of a Three dongle, SIM or Mobile Wi-Fi is great, but which plan is right for you? Then once you’ve selected your device, there’s Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go to choose from, plus plenty of data options. So here’s a bit more info to get you started…

Pay Monthly vs. Pay As You Go.

If you know you’ll be using your Mobile Broadband connection regularly, you’re probably better off with a Pay Monthly plan. That way, you won’t need to worry about topping up - it’s just a case of choosing the right plan, based on how much data you’re likely to need and how much you’re looking to pay. And choosing the right method for getting online, depending on what device you’re going to be using.

With Pay As You Go, you can get a dongle, Mobile Wi-Fi device or Mobile Broadband SIM that’s preloaded with data. And when that’s used up, it’s really easy to top-up.

All our Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go plans come with a range of added extras. Monthly payments make it easy to stick to a budget – and there are plenty of options to choose from.

How much data do you need?


We have a bunch of different plans for different needs, but the main question to ask yourself, is how much data will you need?

Firstly, try and work out whether you’re an occasional, moderate or regular data user. The answer to this question will depend on what you generally need Mobile Broadband for, for example:

· A monthly plan with 1GB will suit anyone who just wants to be able to do the basics, such as occasionally browse websites and send a few emails each week.

· A 10GB plan is geared for someone who wants to be able to do a bit more, such as download documents and stream videos.

· The maximum amount of data that we offer on a monthly plan is 15GB, which should be more than plenty for most people.

Using Mobile Broadband abroad.

Don’t forget that with Three, using the internet ‘on the go’ isn’t something that’s just confined to the UK – in fact, you can use our tablets, dongles and Mobile Wi-Fi devices in over 138 countries.

And we don’t think you should have to pay a premium for using normal services when you’re on your travels. So any data you use when you’re abroad will come out of your normal allowance if you’re in one of our 60 Feel At Home destinations.

Find out more about Feel At Home and getting your mobile device ready for using the internet abroad.

How reliable is Mobile Broadband?

The reliability of your Mobile Broadband service is similar to that of your normal phone, and the strength of your signal will determine the quality of your experience.

Make sure you use our coverage checker to see what the signal is like near you before committing to any package.