Advice on choosing a Mobile Broadband plan.

Advice on choosing a Mobile Broadband plan  article header image

How much data will you need?

It’s easiest to choose a Mobile Broadband package based on the amount of data you’ll want to use.

To put it into context, 1GB of data a month is ideal for light users – if you’ll just be browsing websites and emailing a few times a week. A 10GB monthly allowance is more suitable if you’ll be using your connection a lot, downloading large files or streaming video. We offer up to 15GB data included every month, which is more than enough for most users.

Want to find out how much data you’ll need? Try our  data calculator to get some help choosing the right data allowance for you.

How much do you want to spend?

At Three, we want to make Mobile Broadband accessible and affordable for everyone. Whatever your lifestyle and cashflow, we’re here to help you get online.

We offer Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go plans, with a range of added extras. Monthly payments make it easy to stick to a budget – and there are plenty of options to choose from. But if you’re not sure when you’ll be paid next, it might be best to pay as you go, so you can top up online from £5 to £50 whenever you get cash.

Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go

If you know you’ll be using Mobile Broadband regularly, you’ll get the  best deal with Pay Monthly. You get a dongle, MiFi or SIM for free and you get a fixed amount of data included in your monthly charge.

If you’ll only be using Mobile Broadband from time to time, it’s best to  choose Pay As You Go – where you buy a dongle, MiFi or SIM that’s preloaded with data. When you’ve used that, just top it up.

About network coverage

Before you commit to buying a Mobile Broadband package from us, you can see what our signal’s like near you with our  Coverage checker. Don’t just check coverage where you live – take a look at all the places you’ll be travelling to as well!

Three covers 97% of the UK and we’re always working to extend and improve our coverage. Mobile Broadband devices are constantly improving too, with innovations like our Premium dongle’s  rotating head and  compact tablets offering better reception than ever.