Get online when you get away.

Mobile broadband when travelling abroad

When you’re jetting off to sunnier (or cooler) climes, there’s one home comfort that’s pretty tough to live without. Getting online is a massive part of our everyday lives, and although you may want to switch off when you’re away, it’s great to be able to share photos, contact loved ones, make travel plans and book activities near where you’re staying.


Not to mention, whiling away long road trips with games, movies and all the best bits of the internet.


So, all you need to stay connected on your travels is Mobile Broadband with a Three dongle, MiFi or tablet with SIM.


You can get online without worrying about WiFi access. And you don’t need to stress about how much it’ll cost either, because you can use your UK call, text and data allowance abroad - just like you would at home. All at no extra cost. It’s available in 16 Feel At Home destinations, with Spain and New Zealand coming in April.


Here are some more tips for staying connected when you’re away:


    1. Check your allowances.

    You’ll be able to use your allowance as you do in the UK on Three, but it’s worth knowing what you’ve got left and topping up or buying an Add-on if you think you’ll need more. You can check your Mobile Broadband data allowance and top-up using your My3 account online. It's a good idea to do this before you go, to make sure you're well prepared.


    If you do use all of your available data allowance, it’s good to know that you'll be able to enjoy lower-than-usual roaming rates in all of our Feel At Home destinations. If you don’t want to incur any charges, just switch off data roaming in your settings menu.


    2. Get some cover.

    You never know what’s in store, but if you’ve got Three Rescue Insurance your device will be covered worldwide when it comes to loss, theft and accidental damage.


    3. Back it all up.

    If you don’t have Three Rescue Insurance, we recommend backing up all the files, emails and pictures that exist only on your mobile devices. This way, if an accident occurs, you have them as copies on an external hard drive or in the cloud.


    4. Pack your charger.

    It might sound obvious, but whether you’re taking a tablet, smartphone or laptop, don’t forget to pack your charger. There’s nothing worse than running out of juice mid-trip and feeling cut off. And it’s always worth making sure your device is fully charged before you head off, just in case your flight is delayed or the trip takes a little longer than planned.


    5. Share your memories.

    We all love sharing selfies and special moments, but never more so than when we’re sunning ourselves or taking in amazing new sights. So don’t forget to take plenty of pics and get stuck in to Facebook and Instagram.


And if it all kicks off back in the office... You could have the barman pour you another Sex on the Beach and pretend you're not reachable. But if you've got a business to keep running, it's pretty handy to be able to catch up when you're out of the office. Stay on top of emails (if you really have to) but make sure you find the time to chillax.