Topping up Mobile Broadband - made easy.


Here’s Craig to tell us more about topping up your Three Mobile Broadband device – whether it’s a dongle, MiFi or tablet.

‘I wouldn’t consider myself a technical person, but as it happens I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I’d just bought an iPad, set it up all on my own and activated it. With the SIM inserted and my top-up voucher receipt in hand – which I had bought from Tesco on my rather excited drive home – I called the Pay As You Go top-up number: 444.
‘As you can imagine I was pretty disappointed when the only option I had was to top-up my phone. Confused, I decided to turn to the wealth of all knowledge – the internet. On Three’s website I found two videos to help you top-up Mobile Broadband with a voucher and a card.
‘It turns out that you need to top-up your iPad or whichever Mobile Broadband device you’re using through your My3 account instead of calling 444. After finding the video I found it really easy to top-up my iPad and was enjoying all the perks of apps and browsing the internet on an iPad a few minutes later.
‘If you want some guidance on topping up Mobile Broadband, here are the two videos I watched. They also run through any problems you might have, which I found really useful.’


> Topping up your Mobile Broadband account with a voucher.  


> Topping up your Mobile Broadband account with a card.