What is Mobile Broadband?

What is mobile broadband? article header image

Broadband is something many of us have become familiar with. It’s the service we use to connect to the internet.

Broadband allows us to send, receive and download large amounts of information using the web. Mobile broadband lets you do the same things – the big difference is that the network you’re using to get the internet belongs to a mobile phone company.
The huge advantage of using a mobile phone network for your internet access is, unlike the broadband you usually get at home, your internet connection moves with you. This means you don’t have to be in your house to get a connection.
You’re not tied to a desk and you don’t even have to be indoors to go online using Mobile Broadband. You could be sittting in the middle of a field with your laptop, answering emails or downloading music.
A mobile phone network needs to 3G to provide this service. In 2003, Three launched the UK’s first 3G network and in 2008 it kicked off a massive project to make its 3G network even bigger, better and faster – so it’s a good place to take your first steps into Mobile Broadband.
You can connect to mobile broadband on the Three network in a variety of different ways: 

  • By using a USB dongle that plugs straight into your laptop and connects to the Three network.
  • By using MiFi® – a pocket-sized Wi-Fi dongle that can connect up to five Wi-Fi gadgets at once.
  • By using a SIM or micro-SIM that inserts directly into your laptop or tablet, just like the SIM in your phone.


You just need to choose the one that’s right for you.

Then, you’re good to go – with your personal internet connection that follows you wherever you go.