What is Mobile Broadband?

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Most of us would be lost without an internet connection when indoors. It allows you to send, receive and download large amounts of information quickly and smoothly online.


But there’s nothing worse than losing your Wi-Fi signal when you go out of range. We want to be able to take our internet connection wherever we go, which is where Mobile Broadband comes in.


Mobile Broadband means you can get online wherever you are, as long as you’re in one of our 3G or 4G coverage areas – don’t worry, we cover 97% of the population.


It’s the Internet with legs.


How does Mobile Broadband work?


Mobile broadband technology allows you to do all the things you usually use your broadband connection for, without needing a fixed-line phone connection. This is because it uses a mobile phone network.


This means you can get online on the move (while commuting to work on the train, for example), or away from home (perhaps while on holiday or at university).


You can download the flat-pack instructions you lost on your way to the shed, show off your sky-diving snaps while at a picnic in the park, or master greenfly warfare while pruning the roses. It’s all possible with Mobile Broadband.


How do I connect?


You can get Mobile Broadband on the Three network in a variety of different ways:


  • By using a SIM or micro-SIM that inserts directly into your existing tablet
  • By using a 3G or 4G Mobile Wi-Fi device that can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi gadgets at once
  • By using a 3G or 4G USB dongle that plugs straight into your laptop.


Our 3G and 4G devices have your Mobile Broadband connection built in; so no more hunting for a Wi-Fi hotspot or losing your connection when you leave the coffee shop. With 3G or 4G on your phone or tablet you’re always connected. And with All-you-can-eat data available on our Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go plans, you won’t feel limited when you need to get online on the go.


Benefits of Mobile Broadband with Three.


But the benefits of Mobile Broadband on Three don’t stop there.


You can also use your data allowance abroad at no extra cost with Feel At Home in even more destinations and enjoy the wonderful world of 4G at no extra cost, with a 4G device.


These perks are available on Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go, so all you need to do is choose the plan that’s right for you and you’re good to go - enjoying your own, personal Internet with legs.


Where are your feet going to take you?