How to print from an iPad.

How to print from an iPad.

Apple’s iPad is unrivalled when it comes to entertainment on the go, but there’s no doubt that this tablet also has what it takes when it comes to being an essential business tool.

Not only is there a wealth of office-based apps available to download, with the right approach, you can also use your iPad to print just as easily as you would from your laptop or desktop.

So whether you’re printing out your latest holiday pics, or that all-important contract, here’s how to do it.

iOS printing apps.

Most of the big names in computer printing have developed their own iPad app, and they work pretty well.
Download the app for your printer, and – providing the iPad and the printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network – the app should automatically detect the printer. Then just press ‘print’.

Apple AirPrint®.

Since 2010, iPad users have had AirPrint® to take care of their printing needs.

AirPrint® works with most of the latest wireless printer devices and you’ll be able to create hard copies of your documents via iPhoto, Safari, Mail and general photo files. Simply open up your chosen document with AirPrint® and select the ‘print’ option.

You’ll then be presented with a variety of available printer options. Just make sure that these are synced to your wireless network and you’re good to go.

Email printing.

If you already own an Epson or HP printer, you can take advantage of their rather nifty ePrint feature.
Once you sign up to this printing solution you’ll be given a unique email address and all you need to do from then on is send your desired documents to that email address for instant printing. Handy.

Cloud printing.

Cloud printing services offer a fast and clean way to produce hard copies of your documents and there are loads of options available for iPad users.

One of the advantages of Cloud printing is the ability to print from anywhere with an internet connection. So long as your desired printing device is also connected to your Cloud printing app, you’re all set.

Any tips for printing from an iPad?

Your best bet is to choose a printing solution based on your needs.

Printing apps are generally the most versatile method, but you could choose Cloud-based printing solutions if you’re using your iPad in an office environment.

As Apple develops its coveted tablet, the number of viable printing solutions will increase, so watch this space…