Boost your tablet's battery life.

Boost your tablet's battery life.

They’ve brilliantly filled the void between a laptop and smartphone, and they’re top of our gadget wish list, so the last thing you want is for your tablet to run out of battery. But how can you avoid it?


There are some obvious things you can do to prolong the battery life, and a few less obvious, simple tricks that’ll help you squeeze more juice out of it. Here are our top tips:


  1. Give your tablet some TLC.

    First and foremost, give your tablet some love and avoid extreme conditions (Apple also recommends this!). Apparently, temperatures above 95 degrees can begin to damage the battery’s capacity, so don’t place your device near a radiator. Cold temperatures can also affect batteries, but shouldn’t do permanent damage.
  2. Don't overcharge your tablet.

    There are conflicting arguments about whether letting the battery run down completely before charging again is good or bad for your tablet. But while that debate rages, it’s safe to say that overcharging is definitely a bad thing.
  3. Charge your tablet when you're least likely to need it.

    It’s also a good idea to avoid using your tablet while it’s plugged in, if you can.
  4. Turn down the screen brightness.

    Screen brightness can suck the life out of your tablet, so turning it down to the lowest setting saves loads of power.
  5. Look out for rogue app updates.

    Keep a close eye on background apps, and make sure you shut down any that are running without you realising it. It can also help if you prevent updates from apps and social media (although this might have to be a last resort!).
  6. Consider using a plug in keyboard for your tablet.

    Believe it or not, by using a keyboard instead of a touchscreen on some models you can prolong its battery life.
  7. Let your tablet have some beauty sleep.

    If you’re in one of those horrible situations where you won’t be able to use your tablet to connect to the internet for a while, look for the flight mode. This will disable all radio signals, as well as 3G connectivity, so it’s almost like sending your tablet to sleep for a while.

If you’ve tried all of these, and your tablet’s juice is still draining quickly, consider investing in a portable charger. There is a whole range in our Three Accessories store, so there’s bound to be one that suits you and your tablet.