Use your tablet abroad with Feel At Home.

Use your tablet abroad with Feel At Home.


We’ve all been there. You’ve gone abroad on a well-earned break, and no sooner have you put your feet up and whipped out your tablet, then you’re panicking about roaming charges.


Well worry no more. At Three, we think roaming charges are unfair. Which is why we introduced Feel At Home. It lets you use your data allowance in 60 destinations worldwide, in the same way that you would at home. So you can enjoy using your iPad abroad, without incurring huge data bills.


Non-techies have nothing to fear either. As long as data roaming is switched on in your settings, Feel At Home works automatically, as soon as you reach your destination.


You’ll get two texts – the first will reveal the standard roaming rates for the country you’re in, while the second will confirm that using your tablet won’t cost a penny more than it normally would.


You can use your tablet worry-free in 18 destinations, including Spain and New Zealand. So you can…


  • Brag about your travels on Facebook and Twitter
  • Share your #holidayspam hot dog legs, cocktails and plane wings pictures on Instagram
  • Deliver some shopping to your self-catering villa
  • Navigate your way around the foreign roads
  • Keep tabs on your budget with some internet banking
  • Download a new book to read by the pool
  • Or even catch up on those dreaded work emails before you land in the UK… Or maybe not.

However you like to use your tablet at home, you can do exactly the same when you’re away. Your holiday is precious, so make the most of it with Feel At Home.


See our Feel At Home page for more information and a full list of destinations.