Making your tablet safe for children.

Making your tablet safe for children.

Every parent craves those valuable minutes of peace when they can get jobs done or just put the kettle on, so ‘tablet time’ definitely has its uses. And there are benefits for the kids too, with some pretty educational apps and games to get little ones learning and discovering.


But there’s always that worrying niggle that if you leave your child alone with your tablet for too long, they might come across something they shouldn’t.


So what can you do to protect children from some of the more grown-up things that are out there on the World Wide Web?


Perform a factory reset.


If you’ve recently upgraded your device, you may decide to give your old one to your kids, which will more than likely make their day.


But before you do this, make sure you’ve restored its factory settings to get rid of your emails and browsing history. Even seemingly harmless things like YouTube videos and film trailers can be unsuitable for little eyes.


Performing a factory reset will remove any apps you’ve installed and clear the internal storage (if you’ve got a memory card inserted, you’ll need to clear this too).


The steps involved vary between tablets, but you can probably find the reset option under the ‘Settings’ menu on your tablet. Just make sure that you save any important files first.


Protect your tablet.


Another good tip is to get a sturdy tablet case. It might sounds obvious, but protecting your expensive tech from bumps and knocks can be just as important as protecting the kids from things they shouldn’t be seeing.


A rubberised case will protect a tablet from most drops, so it’s well worth the investment for peace of mind (and peace and quiet).


Install a parental control app.


If you want to be able to block games and inappropriate content, then you should install a parental control app. As we’ve already mentioned, there are lot of websites, YouTube videos and apps that aren’t appropriate for small children.

There are a number of apps which would work, so just do a search in our 3Likes store to get an idea of what’s out there.


If you have an iPad, then parental controls are already built in - you just need to make sure they’re enabled.


Block app purchases.


You’ve probably read about kids running up hundreds of pounds in charges, so the best thing to do is to make sure that your tablet asks for a password before any purchases are made.


For Android tablets, Google has a parental control option under the “Settings” menu which can be set to ask for a password before any purchases can be made.


If you’ve got an iPad, you might want to set up a separate Apple ID just for the youngsters. This way you can set up a controlled iTunes Store allowance and those little fingers won’t be able to run up enormous charges in your name.


Install a child-friendly web browser.


As a final step, you could install a child-friendly web browser. There are various ones available in Google Play and iTunes and they guarantee the ultimate peace of mind for while your little monkeys are having fun. 


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