Use your tablet out and about with Mobile Broadband.

Use your tablet out and about with Mobile Broadband.

Getting online makes everyday life so much easier. We pay bills, we shop, we play, we watch, we stream, we research and we share. We love the internet - especially on the big screen of a tablet such as an iPad.


If you’ve got a and a Wi-Fi only tablet home-based internet connection, then you can do all of this. But you’re pretty restricted by the simple fact that you have to be at home.


Of course, there are Wi-Fi hotspots, which are great and mean you can get online in loads of different places, but wouldn’t it be better to literally take the internet wherever* you go?


Introducing Mobile Broadband.


Mobile Broadband means you don’t have to stay at home to check your work emails, you don’t have to rely on finding a Wi-Fi hotspot to stream that TV programme, and you don’t need to worry about going out of range when your kids are trying to finish that level of their favourite tablet game.


With our range of 3G and 4G services, you can connect your tablet and get online whenever you like, without worrying. You can still choose to connect to Wi-Fi whenever you like, but you don’t have to rely on it.


Whether you want to pay monthly or pay-as-you-go, we’ve got a plan to suit all budgets, and all types of data users.


And if you’ve already got a tablet, there are other options to get online on-the-go…


4G Mobile Wi-Fi.


If you’ve already got a tablet or other Wi-Fi enabled devices, and you want a connection that is truly portable, consider using one of our Mobile Wi-Fi devices.


It fits into your back pocket, and allows you to connect up to ten devices at once. Meaning you’ve got your own personal 4G hotspot whenever you need it, and if 4G isn’t available in a specific location you can still get online* via our advanced 3G network.


It gives you up to 6 hours of battery life, and if you want you can share your connection with your housemates, your family, your backpacking buddy, or anyone you like.


4G Mobile Broadband SIMs.


Another option for your tablet is a 4G Mobile Broadband SIM. Just pop it into your device and you’re good to go.


With both of these options you can also enjoy all the benefits of being with Three - including using your tablet abroad in 18 destinations at no extra cost with Feel At Home.


Mobile Broadband with Three is so much more than an internet connection. It’s internet on the move - the chance to do all the things you need to and all the things you love, whenever and wherever* you want. So give your internet legs, and set your tablet free.



* Subject to coverage by the Three Network. See for details.