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Unlimited browsing, uploading and gloating, on the network built for the internet.

We think nothing should get in the way of you making the most of your holiday. That's why we're the only network to offer the Euro Internet Pass. For just a fiver per day, you'll be free to browse, tweet and upload to your heart's content in most EU countries. So you won't have to worry about any surprise bills when you get home.

Can't find that tavern you were told about? Just Google it and find it on a map. Need to know the word for donkey in Spanish? Simply download a translation app. Best of all, you can post a pic from beside the pool, or an update from the beach, and make everyone back home insanely jealous.

Just so you know, the pass was designed for browsing, so streaming and VPN access may not be as good as it is on our UK network. And tethering isn’t included.

So how do you get your pass?


  1. When you land in a Euro Internet Pass country, we'll text you a link.
  2. To activate the pass, firstly make sure data roaming is enabled.
  3. You'll then need to turn off your push notifications (they're the things that let you know when you've got an email, or when someone's tagged a pic of you, for example). And they need to be turned off to avoid out-of-bundle charges while you're setting up the pass. The set-up differs from phone to phone, so we recommend that you work out how to do it before you go away.
  4. Then just click the link in the SMS. Follow the steps to buy the pass and then you can get online until midnight that day (UK time).

To get the pass, type this into your mobile browser and bookmark it so it's easy to access when you travel in the EU. (Please note that the pass isn't valid in the French islands).

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