Keep your smartphone safe when you travel abroad.

Keep your smartphone safe when you travel abroad.

If you’re jetting off abroad the chances are you’ll be taking your smartphone or tablet with you. And with Feel At Home on Three, why would you leave it at home?


With Three you can use your phone abroad at no extra cost in 18 Feel At Home destinations. So you can share holiday pics, email family, check out the local area, use translation apps and browse real-time maps without worrying about the cost.


Whatever you choose to do with your device, being able to use it at no extra cost can be invaluable when you’re in a foreign country. So what’s the best way to protect it when you’re on your hols?


We know that if you've just forked out for a shiny new iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6, you'll want to protect your gadget from loss, theft and knocks and bumps. That's where Three Rescue comes in...


Introducing Three Rescue Insurance.


Three Rescue Insurance gives you worldwide cover against loss, theft and accidental damage from as little as £2 a week. 


Tips for keeping your mobile safe on holiday.


Here are some other tips and tricks for keeping your phone, tablet or dongle safe when you go abroad:


  • Before you go away, make a note of your phone’s serial number. To find this, key in *#06 # and you’ll see a 15-digit code. This is your phone’s serial number, or ‘IMEI code’


  • Make a note of your network’s helpline number. It might be different if you’re calling from abroad. For example, you’d call 333 from a Three phone at home, but +44 7782 333 333 when you’re abroad.


  • If your phone is stolen, the first thing you should do is call your network provider and get them to block your SIM or phone. This means that if someone tries to use your device, they won’t be able to make calls on it, and you won’t be liable for someone else’s use of your phone when you get home.


  • Make sure your bag is secure. It might sounds obvious but often a zip and closed flap are enough to deter the opportunistic thief.


  • When you’re at the local watering hole, place your bag on your lap rather than on the back of your chair or at your feet.


  • Never leave your phone on a table in a café. There’s a common trick used to fool unsuspecting tourists: a child or fellow traveller will come and spread a map or brochures on your table, trying to ask for directions. When they leave and take the papers with them, your phone will be gone too.


  • Keep a list of important numbers. Before you leave, ask yourself who you might need to call in an emergency, or even just during the time you’re away. Write these numbers down and keep them in a safe place.