LG G4 screen review.


It seems that size matters as far as smartphone screens are concerned - and with a 5.5in display and an amazing spec, the latest phone from LG has plenty to offer.


So let’s see what the LG G4 display is all about…


Sharpness and contrast.


Quad HD resolution is a great start, and the rest of the screen’s features aren’t bad either.


The LG G3 was pretty good in this department but the G4 gives 25% better brightness. Great news when you’re out and about on sunny days.


LG also claim that the contrast levels are a 50% improvement on the G4’s predecessor and movie fans will definitely appreciate this, especially during the darker scenes.


According to Techradar: “The contrast ratio is the part that impresses the most - it's almost as deep and rich as the Samsung Super AMOLED offering, which is really cool to see from an LCD.”


Colours and quality.


The Quantum IPS Display makes for a great depth of colour and the LG G4 screen has been created with Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) to simulate Hollywood movie studios.


The result is a richer, more vibrant image, and a better browsing, gaming and viewing experience.


The ‘Knock-on’ effect.


The display has a nifty 'Knock On' effect that allows you to wake the phone from sleep without having to press any buttons.


The Knock Code allows you to tap certain portions of the screen to create an invisible pattern that opens your phone. This is pretty handy when you’re on the go and need quick and easy access to everything.




Whether you’re a Netflix nut or a YouTube fan, you’ll be well and truly entertained thanks to the 5.5in screen and Quad HD resolution with 1440 x 2560 pixels (538 ppi pixel density).


This basically means that movies look awesome and you can record precious moments in an ultra-HD format.




On top of all the techie stuff, this screen is pretty tough with Gorilla Glass 3 as standard.


When you take all of this into account, the LG G4 screen is way better than the G3 and among the best in terms of premium smartphones. To quote Techradar again: “This is where LG first begins to flex its muscles: the display on the LG G4 is simply mind-blowing…”.


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