Test driving the LG G4.

One of the newest Android phones on the market is the LG G4. LG aren’t exactly strangers when it comes to feature-packed smartphones, but just how good is the LG G4?



We sent Jackson out into the woods, along with cameraman Steve, to put the LG G4 through its paces. Be warned though, not all is as it seems in the woods…


The LG G4 review in the video above is like no other. The two venture into the woods and take on unexpected and spooky surprises in the dead of night, equipped with only the phone. The video even includes footage that Jackson shot himself using the phone.


So what does our leader think of the LG G4? “All-in-all, a solid performance from the LG G4. Sweet camera, great photos, and an above average battery life,” says Jackson. “Everything you’d expect from a handset at this price point.”


But don’t just take his word for it. Pop along to your nearest Three store to give the phone a test drive of your own (without any of the scary stuff). In the meantime, if you want to find out a bit more, below is a summary of the key features…




LG G4 camera.



The LG G4’s 16MP Hi-Res camera gives better resolution, sharpness and speed than its predecessor, the LG G3. You can snap away on the go and be sure of great pictures, or take shots like a pro using the advanced controls that are typical of a DSLR camera.


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LG G4 screen.



The LG G4 delivers a stunning visual experience, with its 5.5in gently curved, IPS Quantum screen – which boasts four times the resolution of Full HD. This means that it has a higher contrast ratio and wider colour range than the LG G3.

In simple terms, you get 20% greater colour reproduction, 25% improved brightness and 50% greater contrast - all without draining extra battery life.


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LG G4 battery.



One of the biggest problems associated with feature-heavy smartphones is the drain on the battery. But the LG G4 has up to 470 hours of battery life.

These figures are among the best in the smartphone world, and add to the appeal of the LG G4, which also comes with a huge removable battery for all day power.


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The LG G4 is now available on Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go from Three.