Setting up BBM: BlackBerry Messenger.

Setting up BBM: BlackBerry Messenger article header image

One of the best things about having a BlackBerry is BlackBerry’s free messaging service, BlackBerry Messenger, which lets you send instant messages to other BlackBerry users at no cost*. This means you can send free messages like texts to other friends who have BlackBerrys.

This feature makes it easier to stay in touch as you can send an unlimited amount of messages, plus it’s easy to share photos and videos too.

However, our research shows that one of the top problems you’re facing at the moment is not being able to use BlackBerry Messenger.

Here at Three, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this great feature so we’ve created some step-by-step guides to help you set up BlackBerry Messenger and I’ll take you through a common problem that’s easy to fix now.

When I first got a BlackBerry I didn’t realise that to use the messaging service it’s not always just a case of turning on your phone and opening BlackBerry Messenger. In fact, the messaging service uses the internet so without buying BlackBerry’s internet service, aptly named BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), you can’t use Messenger.

This confused me at first, but it’s easy to get and our support will show you how to set up BIS.

If this isn’t the problem you’re facing, we’ve also created some simple step-by-step guides to show you how to set up BlackBerry Messenger. To find our guides just visit our devices support page, find your BlackBerry from the dropdown menu and click on ‘Setting up Messenger’ under ‘Calling & messaging’.

We hope that you can now start using this great service and stay in contact with your friends for free*.

*The cost of using BlackBerry Messenger will come out of your data allowance.