How to switch to Three.

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There are loads of reasons to choose Three. Whether it’s because you love using your phone abroad at no extra cost, benefiting from the UK’s lowest Pay As You Go rates, or enjoying 4G at no extra cost, we’ve got loads of perks waiting for you. All you need is to do is switch.


It’s really easy to do. And we’ve made it even easier with this handy checklist:


    1. Check phone signal in your area.
    Before you switch mobile provider, you should check out the signal in your area with our coverage checker. Just enter your postcode and we’ll tell you what it’s like in your area.

    And if you spend a lot of time in an area where the signal isn’t as strong, don’t forget we’ve got Three inTouch – so you can call and text in the UK whenever you're on Wi-Fi (even if there's no mobile signal).


    2. Try Three with a free SIM.
    Why not try us out by ordering a free Three SIM. It’ll be with you within 24 hours and you can test the coverage where you are. Or get a Pay As You Go SIM with an all-you-can-eat data Add-on and use it alongside your current contract. Then you can enjoy the UK’s lowest Pay As You Go rates.


    3. Make sure your phone is 3G (4G is even better).
    Our network’s built for data. So you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a smartphone (which works on 3G). Test whether your phone’s 3G ready by texting ‘Mobile’ to 78333, or find about more about 3G.


    4. Check your phone is unlocked.
    Often when you buy a phone it’s ‘locked’ to one network, so you can’t use a SIM from another network. If your current phone was originally from another provider, you’ll need to make sure it’s unlocked to bring it to the Three network.


    5. Move your number in less than 24 hours.
    There’s no need to let everyone know your new number; just keep your old one. If you contact your old network provider and let them know you’re leaving, they’ll give you a PAC code. Then you don’t even need to call us – just fill in this number port form and we’ll move your number for you.


    6. Get started straight away.
    When you join Three, visit our Welcome page. You’ll find links to everything you need to get started; from setting up your email to moving your contacts and viewing your allowances.


    7. Make the most of all-you-can-eat data.
    Get set up with all your favourite apps. From fitness and weather apps, to recipes, news and shopping, there’s something for everyone. Explore your app store, and if you need more suggestions, check out Discover Apps.


    8. Find help that’s tailored to your phone.
    If your phone’s proving tricky to set up, head to our Support pages. From a searchable PDF of your phone’s manual to videos and step-by-step setup guides, you’ll find device-specific help, all in one place.


    9. See your account info online and on your mobile.
    In your My3 account, you can change your contact details, see your bills or credit balance, change roaming settings and keep an eye on your calls, texts and internet use. You can even change your price plan if you find yourself needing more minutes, texts or data on a regular basis.

    Our free Three app is a really nifty tool that gives you quick access to your My3 account on your phone, and helps you get even more from your device.


It really is as simple as that. So what are you waiting for? Switch mobile provider now, and start enjoying all the benefits of Three, like using your phone abroad at no extra cost, and the UK’s lowest Pay As You Go rates.