Touchscreen-friendly gloves.

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It’s bitterly cold and your phone starts ringing. The call might be urgent; you’ve got to take it – but you’ve got your gloves on and you know your fingers are going to be freezing in the cold air…

It’s a situation lots of us have found ourselves in. But, as the British winter kicks in, there’s a solution – touchscreen-friendly gloves.

How do they work?

Most touchscreens rely on physical contact between your skin and your device but, thanks to fingertip technology, a range of gloves are widely available which do the job for you.

The technology often features conductive thread sewn into the fingertips of the gloves, which creates the same results as touching the screen with your bare fingers. It means you can take calls, pictures and videos, write messages, select music and use all your apps and features without your fingers getting cold.

There are a variety of styles available. Some gloves work only with the thumb and forefinger; others feature touchscreen interaction for every finger and thumb. Most of the time you’d never know they were specially designed: they look and feel just like normal gloves.

Specialist gloves for outdoor activities.

You can also get skiing gloves (with extra insulation: great for taking and sharing pictures when you’re up a freezing-cold mountain), plus gloves for road-runners, who often listen to tunes on their phone or MP3 player for extra motivation when training in the colder months.

Needless to say, this innovative bit of kit makes a great gift or something useful to spend your Christmas money on – especially if you’re the proud owner of a new touchscreen device.

An alternative for the fashion-conscious.

And for those who are a little braver in cold weather, you may have seen the funky flip-top mittens that are sweeping the shops this winter. You can transform your mittens into fingerless gloves by folding back the section that covers your fingertips.

Once you’ve finished with your phone, just flip the mitten back over your fingers – and wait for the warmth to return.

Where can I get some?

Touchscreen-friendly gloves are widely available from online stores ( just search and go) and we’ve found them on sale for as little as £6.99.


It’s a cool way to accessorise your new device - and stay warm along the way.