Get touchscreen-friendly gloves.

Touchscreen-friendly gloves

It’s that time of the year: summer’s well and truly over, autumn’s here and winter is just around the corner. That means temperatures plummeting, cold snaps, frost and goodness knows what other elements you’ll have to contend with.


You’ll want to wrap up warm, and wear your hat, scarf and gloves.


But the trouble is, life doesn’t stand still. Those calls keep coming, those texts still need sending and the internet still needs surfing. We’ve all been there – grumbling and fumbling with our smartphones in cumbersome gloves (or even mittens).


But there is a solution – touchscreen-friendly gloves.


Pure gold in the cold.


Banish your old gloves to the back of the cupboard. Touchscreen-friendly gloves use special, advanced fingertip technology; that’s why they’re such a godsend.


Most touchscreens need physical contact with your skin, but touchscreen-friendly gloves have conductive thread sewn into the fingertips so that they create the same effect as your fingers.


The different styles.


Don’t think that touchscreen-friendly gloves needn’t be fashionable either. There are gloves to suit all tastes and needs.


Some gloves only work via the thumb and forefinger, while others will work for all of your digits. Either way, don’t worry about compromising when it comes to style and comfort - there are a variety of different looks and most touchscreen-friendly gloves are pretty inconspicuous.


You can also get gloves with extra insulation, so there are no limits to where you can take your smartphone.


Whether you’re heading up Mont Blanc or going for that bitter morning run, you’ll be smiling in the face of the biting wind because nothing will stop you taking and sharing pictures, typing messages, playing music and making the most of all your apps and features.


What’s more, with Feel At Home sharing your winter holiday antics from the likes of Switzerland, Austria or France won’t cost you extra when using your inclusive allowance.


The alternative.


If you just don’t fancy touchscreen-friendly gloves, all is not lost. Funky flip-top mittens are all the rage at the moment. Grab a pair and, when you want to reach for your phone, just flip off the top of your gloves. When you’re done, flip it back and get your fingers all cosy again.


Where can I get some touchscreen-friendly gloves?


They’re widely available online, and they don’t cost the earth. It must be better than tackling the cold or, worse still, leaving your smartphone in your pocket?


Check out the Three Accessories store online for what we have to offer.