UK iPhone Users: A snapshot

iPhone Users

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UK iPhone users: A snapshot


Our phones are more integral to our lives than ever, and we use them for much more than just calling and texting. Whether it’s on the train or on the toilet, we’ve conducted research into where and how the UK’s iPhone community spends time on its devices.


General habits of iPhone users


Of those surveyed across the UK, the five most common iPhone activities are (in order of popularity), texting, calling, surfing the web, taking photos and reading the news. When asked what people are taking photos of, we found that friends and family are by far the most popular subject matter at 59.4%, followed by animals at 11.3%, landmarks at 8.5%, selfies at 6.9% and food and drink at 4.7%. Interestingly, we discovered that UK men take slightly more selfies than women: 7.7% compared to 6.4% of women.


All generations of the iPhone are still in use across the UK. You’re more likely to find the first generation iPhone in East Anglia (where it’s still used by 7.8% of iPhone users), the iPhone 3 in Wales (15.6%), the iPhones 3Gs and 4 in Northern Ireland (15.4% and 30.8% respectively), the iPhone 4s (33.7%) in the South West, and the iPhone 5 (30%) in London.


Daily usage across UK regions


When it comes to everyday iPhone app use across the UK, we found that London residents are the most app-happy, ranking first for apps related to shopping at 69%, videos at 66%, social media at 72%, music at 68%, ebooks at 59% and cooking at 61%. The only two app categories for which London wasn’t top were photos and exercise. Photo apps are most popular with those in East Anglia, at 85%, and exercise apps are most popular with those in the North East, at 78%.


Top apps by region


Of those surveyed, Northern Ireland residents prefer health apps, at 30.8%; those in Scotland are avid readers, with books apps at 18.8%; those in Yorkshire are most interested in weather apps, at 43.1%; East Anglia dwellers are keen shoppers, with shopping apps at 42.6%, and Wales residents prefer travel apps, at 23.3%.

iPhone usage in specific locations


We had a look at where the UK’s iPhone community are using their devices most. This research revealed that 69% of Londoners use their iPhones while on the toilet and, unsurprisingly, this is the region most using their phones while commuting, at 82.3%. The four other regions most using their devices on their journeys to and from work are the North East, at 73.6% of residents, Northern Ireland at 71.8%, the North West at 60.5%, and Scotland at 60.4%.