What your smartphone says about you.

What does your smartphone say about you.


It wasn’t that long ago that placing your phone on a dinner table or answering a call in the middle of a real-life conversation was considered a complete no-no. But such is the popularity of mobile devices these days, things have changed.

Now, it’s okay to stare at your smartphone. And pulling your phone out at a party isn’t seen as antisocial, especially if you’re about to take a selfie.

However, while you don’t need to worry quite so much about phone etiquette, research suggests that by simply looking at the type of device you own people can tell a lot about you. It can apparently indicate your personality, your habits and even your career prospects…

Digital advertising intelligence firm Exponential Interactive analysed the anonymous online behavior of 1.7 million Britons researching mobile phones in May 2014, and used this data to work out what the key interests of the different groups was.

What does your smartphone say about you? We’ve pulled together a few key facts that reveal all…

Got a BlackBerry? You’re likely to be well organised, efficient and a hard-working professional.

Have an iPhone in your pocket? You’re probably creative, impulsive and on top of the latest trends.
And generally, if you’ve got an Android, then you’ll be comfortable with all things techie. Perhaps a bit of a visionary, you’re not afraid to try new things.

Are you a Samsung fan? You’re supposedly 70% more likely to be interested in yoga for exercise than running.

LG users are typically gamers who can be found on their X-Box when they’re not on their phone.

Like your dance music? You’ve probably got a Motorola.

The findings may be a load of nonsense, but it’s definitely a bit of fun. Take a look at the smartphones your friends and family own and make up your own mind…

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